Dr DisRespect Leaked A New Halo Infinite Skin

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Halo Infinite will have a new skin for Dr DisRespect. Doc accidentally minimized his screen to show what he was looking at before watching the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home. A Halo Infinite skin appeared on the screen that looked exactly like the Two-Time Champ.

Dr DisRespect cut to a commercial but soon after tweeted a good picture of the skin pictured below. The clip of him revealing it was also captured, so fans can view it however they like. I think it's the best skin ever made for the franchise, and I hope they do it for other streamers too.

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Halo Infinite Skin Leaked

The leaked picture appears following Dr DisRespect's image being taken off of fullscreen. It's a regular photo with the title "343_unreleased_112022.jpg" and definitely was sent to Doc to show him what the skin would look like. Doc leaked it to everyone who watched his stream.

You can watch the specific clip here but here's the full video, the part starts at 41:05

This leak is pretty short, but here's a tweet where Doc shows off his Halo Infinite skin:

It's unfortunate that Doc accidentally showed it off, but good for everyone watching. It looks like streamers will have their own skins for Halo Infinite. Who will be next?

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