"Watch your ugly looking mouth!" - Dr DisRespect Yells At Commenter Who Didn't Like His Halo Infinite Battle Royale Idea

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Many people have been stunned by the Halo Infinite campaign trailer. We cannot say the same for Dr DisRespect, who has not been a big fan of the series since Bungie left. He was unimpressed by this new campaign and kept commenting on what the series lacked.

Many people play FPS games for the multiplayer, while others are fans of the story. Several times, Dr DisRespect has stated that he only cares about multiplayer, which is fair. Still, when someone spoke up against his ideas, he was less than friendly.

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Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer

Dr. DisRespect watched the Halo Infinite Campaign trailer live and couldn't help commenting against the game. Halo will have an open world, he acknowledges, but he wants a Battle Royale. The Halo part starts at 30:20 but the rage starts at 37:25

He isn't backing down from his ideas either. Someone comments that his idea for a Battle Royale sounds terrible. He replies:

"Watch your ugly looking mouth! Watch your ugly looking mouth when you're talking to the two-time—I built half the maps in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, what have you done?"

The two-time Halo champion does not like the single-player Halo Infinite and prefers 343 Industries to focus more on battle royale. While a battle royale would be awesome, it's good to see Halo focusing on the story that brought so many fans to the series in the first place.

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