Halo Infinite: How Fast Does A Double Kill Have To Be?

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Halo Infinite's multiplayer is underway, along with its first event in Fracture Tenrai. But like many FPSs, players are rewarded for getting multi-kills.

But how long does a double kill last? Well, we're here to break down everything we know and the time range you have to pull off those sweet takeouts.

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Halo Infinite: How Fast Does A Double Kill Have To Be?

A Double kill occurs when a player takes out two separate enemy Spartans in quick succession without dying.

Usually, a double kill needs to be performed within four seconds. This means that once you remove a Spartan, you'll have up to four seconds to kill another. Only then will you officially get a double kill and you've even rewarded a sweet medal for your efforts.

Double kill medal showing a gold circle with two stars inside.
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Credit: Halo Alpha

This is slightly different from a killing spree, where players will need to get five kills in a row without dying. Killing sprees have no restrictive time period, while double kills and other multi-kills do.

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