Halo Infinite's delays potentially explained by unverified dev Reddit post

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Halo Infinite's Master Chief shoots enemies from behind a shield.
Credit: 343 Industries

Since the delay of Halo Infinite's Campaign co-op and Forge modes, a post has emerged on the Halo subreddit attempting to explain the issues the game has been plagued with during the development process.

We must state clearly that this is an unconfirmed post, and could well be written by some random chancer looking to stir a bit of controversy, but they added the words, "Sparrow. James. Lucky Break" to the end of the intro paragraph, which could mean something to members of the Halo Infinite development team. Or it could be nonsense. Who knows!


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Regardless, the post was very detailed, and can give us food for thought on why parts of a game like this need to be delayed.

The post indicates that a change in creative direction led to a whole load of reworking being required for both the regular and co-op Campaign. With co-op too, there's apparently a simple logistical problem with getting four players all on the same map with the same objectives. This does make a lot of sense - if you have a bunch of people running around independent of one another, but they still need to respawn and work towards objectives as a team, things could become very complicated very quickly.

"To put it bluntly, nobody thought of how it'd work. The open world and several different objectives spread around the map that can be completed in any order mean that a bunch of solutions were explored for how this would work in 4 player co-op - the first and obvious was shackling players together, but even in internal playtesting this was just not fun and considered incredibly limiting."

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Hopefully, when the co-op Campaign does come out in Season 2 (about three months after the initial release date), we'll see a version of the mode where players all have enough individual freedom to explore the world and get into scraps alone, but also have the ability to seamlessly team up with friends and blast down enemies more quickly.

The issue with Forge is a bit simpler, according to the post. It's just such a massive undertaking and was never going to be available for launch. Hopefully, if this is indeed the case, the development team can work through the issues without being forced into a state of crunch. It'd be nice to have Forge at launch, but it's nicer to be able to play a game made by a happy, healthy team, and the game will be better for it.


Let us know if you reckon the Reddit post is legit! A lot of the Halo community seem to, but there's also scepticism since the post references information previously leaked, and is thus not necessarily insider knowledge. Either way, we'll hopefully see all these features eventually, as Halo Infinite should be a big ol' game with a big ol' lifespan.