Halo Players Bemoan a Lack of Team Play in Cyber Showdown Event

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Credit: Image via 343 Industries

The fan-favourite Cyber Showdown event is currently available in Halo Infinite, and it might be the best event the game has seen so far. Despite its popularity, numerous fans believe that some of the challenges for this event are difficult to complete, and they don't really inspire cohesive team play. This became a problem as players attempting to complete these challenges would inevitably lose the match.

A recent Reddit post (via u/_JetpackWalrus_) highlighted how these current challenges in Halo Infinite's Cyber Showdown event make players act selfishly. For instance, there is a challenge that requires players to revive downed teammates. Most players are baiting their teammates just to complete this challenge quickly.

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Players Reflect On Selfish Cyber Showdown Event Challenges In Halo Infinite

Similarly, there are other challenges in the Cyber Showdown event which requires players to depend on specific weapons. Players will have to eliminate opponents with Melee weapons, Assault Rifles and Sidekick Pistol in Attrition.

Using an Assault Rifle in every situation isn't ideal, but it's perhaps the most straightforward challenge in the Cyber Showdown event. Eliminating enemies with the Sidekick Pistol can be a tough challenge to complete since most opponents would go in for that melee kill at close range, and the pistol is hardly effective at mid to long-range.

One person claims the challenges force players to act selfishly (Balrog229):

The entire challenge system in this game forces players to play selfishly and in modes they don’t enjoy.

Though a few players claim that the completion of challenges depends on the circumstances presented in-game (KiingBooty21).

A spartan jumps at an airship while holding a rocket launcher.
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Credit: Microsoft
Yes and no.
All these are kind of situational. They can we be completed when the opportunity presents itself. Its up to the player how they complete the challenge.
They can either camp and wait for a team to die or help contribute and revive a teammate when its required.

For the most part, many agree with the statement that these challenges are designed to make players prioritize rewards over team play. Some argued that reviving teammates by baiting them shouldn't be allowed in the game at all.

Players are finding it difficult to complete all the challenges from the Cyber Showdown event in Halo Infinite, but that doesn't mean the rewards are bad. Of course, there are ways events could be made better, including making Halo Infinite events more like Overwatch.

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