Halo Infinite Will Support Cross-Platform Inputs For Esports Competitions

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Halo Infinite's Technical Preview allowed Spartans to grab a taste of what Master Chief's next adventure would entail.

And ahead of the full launch of Infinite free-to-play multiplayer this fall, it has been announced that players competing in esports events can do so on a platform of their preference.


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Halo Infinite Will Support Cross-Platform For Esports Competitions

Leading 343 Industries' esports division, Tashi announced that Halo's esports can be played across and between multiple systems.

Speaking on the latest Halo Waypoint blog post, Tashi mentioned the news:

With all that said, we’re excited to reveal that Halo Infinite esports will be cross play for all online tournaments. Have a beefy PC rig? Great, you’re ready to compete! Have a last gen console? All good, you’re ready as well! Just got your hands on a sweet new Xbox Series X? Nice, you’re all set!

The reason behind the shift came down to "choice" and giving players flexibility in choosing how they want to play:

What we envisioned was an ecosystem where players had the choice. Where if they had one platform, they weren’t forced to get the other if they wanted to compete. Where Halo Infinite was suddenly a game they had the choice to play when it wasn’t in the past because of the platform they had already decided to invest in.

It has also been revealed that players can choose to play through the input of their choosing: controller or mouse and keyboard:

Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible to grow the competitive community around the world. Because of that, we are going to allow players to compete on controller or mouse and keyboard regardless of platform. This means you might see entire teams on controller, entire teams on MKB, or teams with mixed MKB and controller players. We will also allow for MKB players to play on the Xbox Series X at live events if they’re in the open bracket. For those who didn’t compete in Halo because it wasn’t available on PC and was controller only – we welcome you with open arms and wish you the best of luck in the scene.

Both changes will allow for flexible gaming and give players the opportunity to easily transition from platform to platform.


Tournaments may even involve battle royale events too, as a datamine from the technical preview hinted that the popular game mode may make its way to the famed shooter.

Following Halo Infinite's year-long delay, the next chapter in the iconic franchise is set to arrive this fall, possibly in November as revealed by a Krispy Kreme advert. Ahead of its launch on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, more betas will be released later this year.