Halo Infinite Online Co-op Gameplay Supposedly Leaks

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A promo screenshot for Halo Infinite.

Fresh videos have surfaced claiming to show leaked co-op gameplay for Halo Infinite, a feature which players of the game have been asking for since its initial release in November 2021.

The clips, which look to show off both freeroam and in-mission snippets from the mode, have been uploaded to Twitter and YouTube.


Reaction from Halo fans has thus far been mixed, with many expressing frustrations that such a mode isn’t already available in the game.

Frustrated Players Dissect Videos Seemingly Depicting Long-Desired Mode

Posting about the leaks in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, a user included links to each of the videos currently online, which have been posted to YouTube by user Foxie117, along with a shortened clip from them posted to Twitter by user @Mr_Rebs_, who acknowledges that the footage is claimed by some to be from a mod.


Reaction to these from Reddit users was mixed, with NecroAmbulate summarising the overall sentiment of the thread by saying: “it is still insane to me that Halo, of all games, is waiting on co-op six months later.”

This prompted user Zhukov-74 to respond: “the deadline 343 had to release Halo in December must have been so tight that they had no other choice but to cut certain features and add them in later through updates.”

Discussion of the actual footage itself was just a frosty, with user supaswag69 declaring: “(it) looks like co-op Halo alright” and TheEmperorsChampion adding: “(I) honestly don't care about co-op anymore, I want actual new multiplayer modes.”


There were a couple of players who seemed more open to giving co-op a chance if it does arrive, with user logic1986 suggesting that they’d like to see the mode bring less exploratory restrictions and increased enemy density compared to other Halo games.

Meanwhile, user untouchable765 was a little more pessimistic saying: “I'm sure everyone is excited to play the full Halo Infinite in 2025.”

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