Halo Infinite Best Guns and Weapons for Campaign

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Looking for the best guns for the Halo Infinite campaign? Most of the weapons Chief runs across on Zeta Halo work the same in the campaign as they do in multiplayer, but the nature of your foes means some of the more unwieldy types get their chance to shine. What doesn't work well on fast-moving Spartans controlled by humans is ideal for handling some of Halo Infinite's slow-moving bosses.

Of course, if you're looking for our best Halo Infinite multiplayer guns page, just head over there - we've got a comprehensive list!

Top Tier - The Best Halo Infinite Campaign Weapons

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These are the best of the best, mostly Power Items, but with a few ordinary weapons thrown in.

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer works a treat in multiplayer and campaign alike, and for the same reason. It has a huge area of effect and, in most cases, kills enemies instantly. The only downside is the hammer loses its charge after a few swings, so make sure you have a good backup.

Energy Sword

The Energy Sword is equally capable of destroying foes in one hit, and what it lacks in AoE it makes up for with a nifty dash move that closes the gap between you and your target. It, too, runs out of energy after several uses, though.

S7 Sniper

The S7 Sniper Rifle is even more useful in campaign than in multiplayer thanks to Zeta Halo’s open-world design and the Banished’s tendency not to move very fast or hunt you efficiently. Campaign lets you camp more and pick foes off from a distance, though you’ll need a strong backup once you run out of ammo.

M41 Spnkr

You just have to love the Banished, always so willing to group themselves together for an easy blast. The Spanker rocket launcher does what the name says, resulting in a huge blast when the rocket makes contact and almost always defeats your enemies instantly.

VK78 Commando

There’s a reason your AI sounds so excited when you get a Commando in multiplayer, because it’s simply one of the best rifles in both modes. It’s more powerful than the Battle Rifle and certainly stronger than the MA40, and it has actual ADS for precision shots.

High Tier Weapons for Campaign in Halo Infinite

Master Chief using the Sentinel Beam at an FOB in Halo Infinite's campaign
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These might not sweep the field like the top-tier weapons, but they’re certainly potent forces to be reckoned with.

Pulse Carbine

The Pulse Carbine is decent, but not spectacular in multiplayer, though its perks shine much more in campaign. The Pulse Carbine tracks foes, which is handy when you’ve got several fast-moving grunts coming at you, and it rips through enemy shields. Just make sure not to hold the trigger down too long, or it’ll overheat.

Sentinel Beam

Spartans move fast. Banished don’t. That’s pretty much all you need to know about using the Sentinel Beam in campaign, where it’s significantly easier to melt your enemies compared to campaign. The Banished don’t hop and strafe as much as human-controlled characters, and the beam liquifies quickly.

Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle is a tough one to use well in multiplayer since time between shots is rather long. It’s powerful, but the biggest boon is the electrocution effect it causes, with forking lightning affecting groups of nearby enemies. Banished movement habits make this ideal for crowd control.

Mid-Tier Weapons for Campaign in Halo Infinite

The Master Chief pointing an MA40 Assault Rifle at a drop wall deployed by a grunt.
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These are okay. They’re fine. You can do better, but if you’re lacking for choice, they’ll get you through until you can grab something more interesting and useful.


The Mangler is excellent in multiplayer, capable of shredding shields and downing Spartans in just two hits. In campaign, the Mangler takes at least three or more shots to kill a larger Banished. Damage is reduced at a distance, and high recoil makes landing consecutive shots more difficult. You’ll run into plenty of them early on, but they’re best as secondary weapons.


This is the “we have a sniper rifle at home” gun. The Stalker is a bulky, long-distance weapon that takes multiple hits to kill. It’s far from ideal, but it gets the job done if you’ve got good aim.

BR75 Battle Rifle

You’re probably familiar with the Battle Rifle if you’ve played ranked Halo Infinite matches. It’s stronger than the MA40 Assault Rifle, but also not much to crow about. The three-round burst also takes a bit of getting used to if you’re only accustomed to the default rifle.

MA40 Assault Rifle

Cliched as it may be to call the MA40 Assault Rifle Old Reliable, that’s basically what it is. The standard, default rifle started each of Chief’s previous adventures, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth sticking with. A clip can usually take down three or four enemies, but the MA40 certainly isn’t the most powerful gun around.

MK50 Sidekick

Your trusty sidearm is actually a bit more powerful than the assault rifle, but a 15-round clip and lengthy reload time mean it’s not the most practical weapon you could use.


The Hydra is a great weapon in theory. It fires six missiles and can even track your foes, but unlike Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, you’re usually dealing with more than one enemy in the campaign. It’s not the wisest choice unless you’re using it as a secondary gun during a boss fight.

Low-Tier Weapons for Halo Infinite Campaign

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These might get you out of a tight space, but they're either too limited or just too weak to make them worthwhile otherwise.

Plasma Pistol

Every grunt drops these, and it’s small wonder they all die so fast. The Plasma Pistol can do you harm thanks to its shield-destroying abilities, but it’s not that great against the Banished. Even the charged shot is weak. Ditch this unless you can’t deal with shields any other way.


The Disruptor pistol is perfect in multiplayer since you’re dealing with shielded Spartans. In campaign, its low rate of fire and high recoil make it less than ideal for dealing with unshielded Banished.


The Bulldog should be fun, and it is in multiplayer. High spread, low range, and thick Banished hides mean it’s much less useful in the Chief’s story.


The Skewer is far too situational to make it easy to recommend. If you’re dealing with Banished vehicles or giant bosses? Perfect. If not? Eh.

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