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Halo Infinite: All Game Modes Confirmed Thus Far

Halo Infinite will be coming out later this year, finally giving fans a big Xbox exclusive that they can be proud of, with a Free-to-Play multiplayer that was confirmed as a live service and Flight Test 2, happening later this week, which has fans wondering about all of the Halo Infinite Game Modes.

While 343 Industries have revealed a number of Halo Infinite Game Modes, they haven’t been a big focus for the marketing as most of the spotlight has been on the game’s multiplayer and some of the story, though that in itself has also gotten less attention after a decision was made to showcase the online experience.

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Halo Infinite: All Game Modes Confirmed Thus Far

Still, for those curious about the Halo Infinite Game Modes, here’s everything that has been confirmed for the final game thus far.

Story Campaign

Despite the lack of emphasis in recent months, 343 Industries have confirmed that a single-player campaign is going to be one of the bigger Halo Infinite Game Modes, assuring fans that the lack of previews for the story doesn’t mean a lack in quality.

Normally, this would be something to worry about but given the history of Halo games, single-player is still an important part of the series so here’s hoping 343 Industries doesn’t let fans down in that regard.

In addition, co-op campaign will be coming in Season 2, about three months into the game's life cycle.

Arena Mode


A classic experience that many will be happy to see as one of Halo Infinite’s Game Modes, Arena Mode has been around for a while and will continue to give fans that four-on-four team multiplayer that gamers crave from the franchise.

Unsurprisingly, Arena Mode will be the focus of Halo Infinite’s Technical Flight Test this week so fans that were able to register should have a fun, albeit familiar, time.

Big Team Battle

The biggest Halo Infinite Game Mode coming, Big Team Battle promises 12-on-12 fights in an open-world sandbox with endless possibilities, at least according to 343 Industries.

This will be the focus next week as part of the Halo Infinite Technical Flight Test, so we’ll see if 343 nails the landing on this exciting game mode.

Forge Mode

Essentially a sandbox that lets Halo players customize their games, Forge Mode won’t be coming to Halo Infinite until Season 3.

That being said, Forge Mode is confirmed for Halo Infinite, just don’t expect to play through the mode this year, given the game’s December release date.


Training Mode

Pretty self-explanatory here but Training Mode could be one of the more helpful Halo Infinite Game Modes, as it should help players get used to the gameplay and any changes made.

Training Mode will place Halo Infinite players in a sandbox where they can try out various weapons and strategies around the arena against bots, so expect this to be more popular than it might seem.

Halo Infinite's release date is on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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