Halo Infinite: All Audio Log Locations

If you've been playing the Halo Infinite campaign, you've probably been finding all manner of lore-building goodies around Zeta Halo. The most numerous of these are the audio logs - tidbits of information pertaining to the story of Halo Infinite.

So then, here are all the Halo Infinite audio log locations - Spartan, UNSC, and Banished, handily placed on an interactive map to make sure you find them all.

All Halo Infinite Spartan Audio Logs

There are 39 Spartan audio logs to find in total. They'll beep and make noise when you're close, and you can see them highlighted in yellow when you scan with the down arrow on the D-pad.

Spartan Audio Logs can be found all over the map, but especially at newly-captured FOBs.

All Halo Infinite UNSC Audio Logs

Here are all the UNSC audio logs for Halo Infinite! Keep your eyes and ears out for them near former UNSC strongholds or around dead UNSC bodies.

They're pretty easy to find! Once again, they'll glow yellow when you scan them.

All Halo Infinite Banished Audio Logs

Want to make it a full set? Here are all the Halo Infinite Banished audio logs!

If you want to find more Halo Infinite stuff, why not use our page with all Halo infinite collectables on a single, handy interactive map?

If you want something a bit more specific, the info on Halo Infinite skull locations we put together should be a real helping hand.

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