Halo Infinite Will Have 23 Maps at Launch, Says Dataminer

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A man looks through a window at a laying-down Master Chief.
Credit: 343 Industries

We're still yet to hear about Halo Infinite's launch situation. We know they're busy working on ensuring the perfect launch for the content they've managed to get done after the postponement of the co-op campaign and Forge mode. Apparently though, the multiplayer will be mighty impressive, with 23 maps from the start according to a Halo dataminer.

Halo Infinite to have 23 maps at launch

Dataminer Surasia claims to have found 23 maps in the game files with full-on assets available. They also claimed that the 4v4 maps will have a lot of variety in a follow-up tweet. Here's the original Tweet.


Of course, we're awaiting Halo Infinite Flight 2 to get a bit more information on what to expect at launch, but we'll keep you updated as and when this info is released. All datamined information is susceptible to being incorrect in some way, so it's important to avoid being too taken in! It'd be nice to see such a wide variety of maps to explore straight from launch though, and we'll probably see even more come post-launch given how long 343 and Microsoft want Halo Infinite to keep going.

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