100 Thieves Wants To Make A Halo Infinite Esports Team

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Apparently, Nadeshot wants to build a Halo Esports team with 100 Thieves. He explained that there were hardly any Halo free agents worth the team's time when asked by his chat. Fair enough, Halo Infinite Esports has just returned, and the thinking process should be to bring in players from Call of Duty and Apex Legends.

In Call of Duty, FaZe almost took FormaL and may take Snip3down from Apex Legends. There isn't any problem taking someone who already plays another FPS and moving them to Halo. Therefore, Ninja and FormaL might be good choices.

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100 Thieves Halo Infinite Team

To quote Nadeshot, the founder of 100 Thieves:

"Chat, let's think of free agents in Halo, and if you guys can build a compelling Halo roster, which, I just don't think there's many people available anymore. Maybe I'll get us a Halo team. It's looking slow though boys, everybody's already somewhere."

Create a team from the ground up with some kind of training camp. That'd be an interesting marketing strategy, "100 Thieves is giving everyone a chance to be Halo Infinite Esports pros." Either way, 100 Thieves wants players for Halo Infinite.

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Nadeshot was a professional himself, and he understands the potential of a team. 100 Thieves may call on friends to build up this team soon.