Guilty Gear Strive: Goldlewis Dickinson Patch Only Includes Hotfixes, No Nerfs

The latest Guilty Gear Strive update has just dropped for its first DLC character this July 27. Many fans were expecting a new patch that'll change things up for its competitive meta. However, no major buffs and nerfs were seen as of this patch. Keep reading and we'll take you through some analysis of this patch, what it means for the wider game and an in-depth look at the official patch notes released today.

Guilty Gear Strive 1.07 Patch Overview

As seen in the patch notes posted on Steam (and further down this page), the July 27 Patch only includes character hotfixes and quality-of-life improvements on the game.

The new patch also includes the first DLC character of the game, Goldlewis Dickinson. So far, the major changes that fans are expecting in this patch are nowhere to be found.

On PS5, the patch shows up as version 1.007.000.

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No Major Changes

The patch notes mostly lists some changes for a few characters like Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff, Faust, Millia Rage, Zato-1, and Ramlethal Valentine. However, these changes are hotfixes for any inconsistencies in their moves. No characters were buffed and nerfed for this patch.

As of now, the massive change that could come to the game is if the players can figure out something strong with Goldlewis Dickinson. As of day 1, the character has access to a wide variety of special moves which can be used to open up their opponent's guard and even protect Goldlewis from a distance. However, his large frame and slow attacks doesn't make him an obvious strong pick to immediately challenge the meta right now.

An Unchanged Meta

As with no changes, the competitive balance of Guilty Gear Strive remains the same even with a new update. Sol Badguy, Ramlethal Valentine, May and other hard-hitters are still strong picks in the game. Players who want to characters that can cash in many wins will still pick these characters.

While this patch having no major changes is surprising, Arc System Works may be looking into the next month's event. The international tournament, EVO 2021, is scheduled this coming August 6 up until August 15. Guilty Gear Strive is one of the tournament's main games.

Suddenly changing the whole competitive meta a week before a major tournament may leave its players scrambling to adapt before they wade through the tournament pools and qualify for the top spots. We'll have to wait up until the EVO Online series finishes up or when the second character DLC arrives in August if we want to see major changes in the game.

Official Guilty Gear Strive 1.07 Update Patch Notes

General / Game Modes

  • Added Goldlewis Dickinson as a playable character.
  • Added Goldlewis’ BGM “The Kiss of Death.”
  • ※ Players who have purchased “GGST Season Pass 1” will have access to the playable character after the update patch is applied on July 27.
  • ※ Goldlewis must be selectable in order to use the BGM.

Offline Modes

  • Fixed an error in which the opponent would not block in certain situations while using the “After First Hit” block setting in Training Mode.
  • Fixed an error which caused a visual glitch with Nagoriyuki mirror matches on certain stages in Arcade Mode.

Network Mode

  • Fixed an error which caused the game to become unresponsive to scrolling after certain inputs were made while using the filter function of the member list.
  • Fixed an error which caused the player name and avatar displayed on the Follow tab of the Lobby select screen to show incorrectly sometimes.
  • Fixed a rare error which caused the player’s floor not to change even when their recommended floor was adjusted.

Player Match

  • Players can now queue up as spectators even when there are no players having a match at a Duel Station.
  • Spectators will no longer be kicked from the room after a certain length of time without making any inputs.
  • Fixed an error which caused the avatar of the player who lost a match to sometimes move in an unnatural way.
  • Improved an issue which made it difficult for matches and spectating to connect successfully when the player’s connection was incompatible with the room owner.
  • Fixed several other minor issues.


[Axl Low]

  • Fixed an error which caused the possible activation time to decrease during certain animations after One Vision was activated.

[Chipp Zanuff]

  • Fixed an error which made movement impossible after causing a Wall Break while certain attacks interacted with Gamma Blade.


  • Fixed an error which caused the mini-Fausts not to appear after obtaining the Trumpet item during certain animations.

[Millia Rage]

  • Fixed an error which caused an invisible hitbox to remain unnaturally after activating the HS version of Tandem Top.


  • Fixed an error which caused Eddie to become unresponsive to control after a certain input.

[Ramlethal Valentine]

  • Fixed an error which caused her Greatsword to attack in an unnatural direction under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an error which caused her Greatsword to move in an unnatural direction under certain conditions.

General Battle

  • Fixed an error which caused the “Punish” system message not to be displayed when punishing certain attacks with throws, etc.
  • Fixed an error which made it impossible to leave Faultless Defense state during certain animations.
  • Fixed an error which caused the opponent to be considered in a grounded state when certain characters successfully landed an air throw at a high elevation.
  • Fixed several other visual errors that did not impact the game balance.


  • Fixed an error which caused certain avatar parts to be obtained as duplicates when fishing.

Major Confirmed Issue:

  • Network features are completely inaccessible under certain play environments. We are continuing to look into and address this issue.

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