Guilty Gear Strive Tease 'She Is Coming', Next DLC Character Releases This Holiday

Arc System Works is currently working on revealing hints about the third DLC character reveal for Guilty Gear Strive. So far, only bits about this character are known about this incoming character. Here's what we know about this character.

Guilty Gear Strive Third DLC Hints

As seen on the official Arc System Works Twitter, the developers may have dropped some hints about the next character for Guilty Gear Strive. The post reads that "The ghosts and ghouls will have to wait another year, but something truly terrifying is on the hear bells jinglingas a creature descends from the snow capped mountains. She.. is.. coming.. and so are the holidays."

If this post is to be believed, the next Guilty Gear Strive after Goldlewis Dickinson and Jack-O will be a woman.

Who Is She?

So far, Arc System Works hints for this post are scarce and doesn't reveal any more details for the tease. However, this post has already riled up many fans to speculate on who this character could be. Fans are looking forward to see returning characters such as Dizzy, and Baiken. In its story, the Guilty Gear series has no shortage of female characters to pull this character from, but Dizzy and Baiken seem the most obvious choices.

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Lastly, the tease also mentions that the next character could be released along with the holiday festivities this 2021. This third DLC character could be released in the last two months of the year. For now, we'll have to wait for more teasers and the actual reveal itself to know who will be added in Guilty Gear Strive before the year ends.

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