Guilty Gear Strive Potemkin Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

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In any fighting game, it has at least one grappler in its initial roster. Guilty Gear Strive still gets its staple grappler, Potemkin, for this iteration. Beginners can enjoy this character as he has reliable options to use in fights.

Who is Potemkin in Guilty Gear Strive?

During Guilty Gear Strive's story, Potemkin is a soldier of Zepp nation who helps Sol Badguy in retaking the White House from the main villain. During the story mode, he was seen piloting a large airship and used it to prevent the White House airship from getting gunned down if it trespassed international airspace. Unfortunately, Potemkin didn't have that much fight scenes in the story.


Playstyle-wise, Potemkin is a grappler with a long reach due to his massive reach. Most grapplers often suffer with having slow attacks that have situational use and barely have other reliable tools. However, Potemkin doesn't have this problem and can be comfortable in the hands of beginners.

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Potemkin Move List

As a grappler, Potemkin's signature move is always trying to land his command throw, Potemkin Buster. All his offense and actions must be done in a way that will enable him to land this attack during the match. Fortunately, Guilty Gear Strive's Potemkin has menacing special attacks and supers that command respect when he brings it out to the match. Here is Potemkin's Move List written out in Numpad Notation:

  • Potemkin Buster - 632146P
  • Heat Knuckle - 623P
  • Mega Fist - 236P(Forward) or 214P(Backward)
  • Slide Head - 236S
  • Hammer Fall - [4]6H
  • F.D.B - 63214S
  • Garuda Impact - 214H
  • Heavenly Potemkin Buster - 236236S
  • Giganter Kai - 632146H

Potemkin Beginners Guide

As a beginner Potemkin, many players would like to spam Potemkin Buster as soon as they get in range. It'll be best to not be as predictable even though the reward of Potemkin Buster takes away at least 40% of the opponent's health.

It'll be best to lay off on the Potemkin Buster at first and use Potemkin's other strong options to scare the enemy into defending. Potemkin's Slashes and Crouching Dust are good in playing neutral and can frustrate enemies as they can get caught up in these move's massive range and one-hit damage.

Potemkin Tips To Get Better

As a standard grappler, Potemkin is granted with tools that rewards great defense and steadfast offense. The ultimate win condition for grapplers is to scare the enemy into doing anything in the match. However, this gameplan is a tall order but going for this end goal is possible through a specific defensive mindset.

Looking forward to the match, Potemkin players must know how to use each of their specials at their strongest options. Heat Knuckle is a strong anti-air. Meanwhile, F.T.B reflects projectiles back to the enemy. Mega Fist is a good gap closing tool due to its surprising speed. Once the opponent respects how well you use them, Potemkin will be given more leeway during the match and eventually allow him to get close enough for the Potemkin Buster.

Potemkin Screenshot from Guilty Gear Strive

The Best Potemkin Combo In Guilty Gear Strive

As a grappler, Potemkin doesn't focus much with combos but has good options in this game anyway. Here are some options for Potemkin to establish his presence in the match:

  • Close Slash>Far Slash
  • Far Slash
  • Crouching Dust>Hammer Fall>Break
  • (Anti-air) Standing Punch/Forward Punch>Heat Knuckle
  • (Anti-air) Heavenly Potemkin Buster
  • Close Slash>Crouching Heavy Slash>Heavenly Potemkin Buster

For beginners, learning long strings with Potemkin is not that important. It's better to know how to make space using his attacks. Even the space they want is not afforded due to the enemy player's aggression, Potemkin can rely on his high damage attacks to finish enemies off by running into his attacks.