Guilty Gear Strive: Major Patch Confirmed In Late August, Character Buffs, Damage Adjustments Confirmed

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Arc System Works has recently revealed its plans for Guilty Gear Strive this late August. Character buffs and adjustments in the upcoming patches. Here's what we know about this late August patch.

Late August Patch Confirmed

According to the official Japanese Guilty Gear website, Guilty Gear Strive Director Akira Katano has confirmed that a major patch will be released by late August. Katano confirmed that there will be character improvements and adjustments once the update rolls in.


Network fixes and other offline features are also worked on according to Katano. These improvements may be pushed out in a later patch. As of now, many players are complaining about the long loading times when trying to connect to Guilty Gear Strive's servers.

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Character Adjustments

The first major patch update that will buff and nerf characters will also be in this late August update. Katano notes that the development is planning to push improvements to characters that the players find weak and moves that seem not to be useful. So far, Faust, Ky Kiske, Anji Mito and I-no are some of the characters perceived to be weak among the top players of Guilty Gear Strive.


Meanwhile, Katano also confirms that there will be some damage adjustments to some characters in Guilty Gear Strive in this late August patch. Sol Badguy, May, Ramlethal Valentine, and Potemkin have been dominating the tiers due to their high damage potential. A simple hit can easily ramp up to 50% health damage off their foes once they get started with a combo. These characters may get some of their damage output toned down after this patch.

Even with the incoming adjustments, Katano confirms that they're aiming to keep Guilty Gear Strive characters enjoyable after this patch.

New Character Release

In Guilty Gear Strive's roadmap, the second DLC character is confirmed for release this August 2021. The only hint about this character is that the pick will be from a previous Guilty Gear entry too. We'll have to wait for this familiar face to be included in this fighting game's roster soon.


The character reveal could be shown in the upcoming EVO 2021 Online Series livestreams in the middle of August. The online tournament will run from August 6 until August 15. The new character reveal may be shown after the whole leg of the online Guilty Gear Strive tournament concludes for this series.

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