Guilty Gear Strive: Everything We Know About Patch 1.06

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After almost a month after Guilty Gear Strive's release, many fans and players are expecting some big changes to the game with the introduction of Patch 1.06. Adjustments to some characters and online play improvements can be expected with every new release, but we have a few ideas of what could be tweaked with the next patch. Here's what we know about Guilty Gear Strive Patch 1.06.

Guilty Gear Strive Patch 1.06 Release Date

Arc System Works has confirmed that the games first DLC character on the season 1 pass roadmap is Goldlewis Dickinson.


He will be playable to Season Pass holders on July 27, however, players who want to buy his DLC pack separately will have to wait for July 30.

Arc System Works often releases a major patch along with a new character release, so it seems likely that we'll see the 1.06 patch released alongside the DLC on July 27.

This patch could flip the whole game balance over depending on the changes confirmed

Guilty Gear Strive Patch 1.07 Release Time

Character Buffs and Nerfs

As of now, Guilty Gear Strive's top tier characters often have access to high damage combos and can control neutral well. Characters who fit this description and are noted by many top players are Sol Badguy, May, Potemkin and Ramlethal Valentine. Potentially, these characters may get a lot of nerfs and adjustments to help players deal with them.


On the other end, some characters may also feel weak such as Ky Kiske, Zato-1 and Faust. Even when performing their gameplan and win condition, these characters often feel lacking when making mistakes compared to the top tiers. They may get buffs to help them feel more viable to play.

Online Play Improvements

Other than character changes, Guilty Gear Strive may get some online play updates for this Patch 1.06 too. Many players have taken note that the game may load slowly when it tries to connect to the server. On the other end, loading up the R-code IDs of other players also take too long when checking them out. For at least these two, Arc System Works could add more quality-of-life improvements to the game once this new patch rolls in.

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