Guilty Gear Strive Millia Rage Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

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Millia Rage is one of Guilty Gear Strive's agile fighters. Playing as this character will require you to use all her tools to create setups where enemies cannot escape easily. Here's how you can use Millia Rage in Guilty Gear Strive.

Who is Millia Rage in Guilty Gear Strive?

In Guilty Gear Strive's story, Millia Rage is working with the Kingdom of Illyria as the director of the Post-War Administration Bureau. Together with Zato-1, she helped out the Illyrian forces through providing intelligence and support to their forces in White House. Unfortunately, she didn't have a fight scene in the story mode.


Nevertheless, Millia Rage is a trained assassin who uses her transformable hair to fight. Aside from beautiful wings and hairstyle, she can fashion out weapons from her hair to hurt her foes. Playstyle-wise, Millia is a mobile character who uses her hair to fight and trap her foes in difficult situations.

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Millia Rage Move List

As a character, Millia Rage has a lethal mix of mobility and setup tools to defeat her foe. Her attacks and combos do not deal high damage from the get-go and will need to force her enemies to make mistakes to hurt harder. Here's what she can do in the game listed in Numpad Notation

  • Tandem Top - 236S or 236HS
  • Bad Moon - In mid air, 236P
  • Turbo Fall - In mid air, 236K
  • Iron Savior - 214P
  • Lust Shaker - 214S
  • Mirazh - 214L
  • Kapel - In Mid Air, 236H
  • Winger (Overdrive Super) - 632146HS
  • Septem Voices (Overdrive Super, Combo Extender) 236236S

Millia Rage Beginners Guide

As a beginner, it'll be great to get used to Millia's movement options which are better than most characters. In mid-air, Millia has access to double jump and double air dashes. When the double jumps are used up, Millia can actually do a an air dash cancel when one of her air normals hits her enemies.


More over, her double air dash can also confuse her foes as she can return to the same side and fake out her offense. Additionally, Millia's best buttons are on her ick attacks which lead into her setups regardless if standing or crouching Kick hits.

Millia Rage Tips To Get Better

Getting better as Millia Rage relies best on knowing her Tandem Top knockdown setups as much as you can. When you knockdown your foe, Millia must use her Heavy Slash version of Tandem Top as they're standing up. This situation forces the enemy to block the multi-hit projectile and allow Millia to go for a difficult overhead/low 50/50 setup. The enemies will be busy to block the Tandem Top projectile and give you enough time to go for an overhead/low mixup on either the enemy's left or right.

The more the Millia keeps doing this to her opponent, the more she controls the match. However, each Tandem Top setup has its own problems depending on the situation. It'll be best to be familiar with every Tandem Top situation to stay on top of the enemy and set yourself up for success.

Best Millia Rage Combos

For beginners, setting up for Millia Rage's Tandem Top is key, try out these combos:

  • 5K>2K>2D>236HS
  • 2K>2D>236HS
  • Instant Air Dash j.HS>2K>2D>236HS

These combos will serve you well when starting to get used to her Tandem Top setups. The Tandem Top situation gives Millia the advantage as letting the projectile happen will launch the enemy if they choose not to block it. Experiment on opening your opponent's defense with the right normal and picking them up should they get launch with the Tandem Top's hits.

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