Guilty Gear Strive: Jack-O Moveset Revealed In Trailer

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Arc System Works has recently released a starter guide for the upcoming second DLC character, Jack-O', in Guilty Gear Strive. The guide features all of her special moves and Overdrive supers which all interact with her unique servant summoning system. Players who want try her out must understand how she works as her moves are far from straightforward.

Jack-O's Movelist


As seen in the guide, most of Jack-O's special moves are tied to her servants. She must summon them into battle if she wants to make use of her full abilities. Jack-O' also has a Servant meter which are her resource bar on what she can do with her servants Here's her full command list written in Numpad Notation:

  • Summon Servant - 236P (consumes Servant meter)
  • Pick Up Servant - 2P while near a Servant
  • Throw Servant - Forward + any button while holding a Servant
  • Release Servant - Dust while holding a Servant
  • Recover - 214P (unsummons all active Servants and refund a portion of Servant meter per unsummoned servant)
  • Attack Command - 214K (makes every servant swing their weapon at the cost of Servant meter)
  • Defend Command - 214S (makes every servant block and parries enemy attacks at the cost of Servant meter)
  • Countdown - 214HS (turns all active servants into time bombs with a 3-second fuse)
  • Servant Shoot - 236K
  • Forever Elysion Driver (Overdrive Command Throw Super) - 632146P
  • Cheer Servant On - 236236S or 236236HS (Slash version makes servants indestructible, Heavy Slash version gives rapid Servant gauge regeneration)

Only two of these moves namely, Server Shoot and Forever Elysion Driver, are not directly linked to using servants.

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Command An Army

Since most of Jack-O's moves are connected with her servants, players are expected to have an idea on how to use her servants well in fights. The Attack Command makes every servant attack with a launching swing while the Defend Command makes them parry an attack for Jack-O's advantage. However, relying too much on these moves will drain the Servant meter fast which can render them useless and cannot be summoned again if it is fully dried out.


Alternatively, Jack-O's servants can be interact when she hits them with her attacks. On hitting servants, they propel themselves forward and become projectiles that can hurt foes. Servant Shoot can also do this but launches the servants at a faster speed. Jack-O can also pick them up and shoot them like basketballs toward their foe.

Lastly, Jack-O's servants do not march forward on their own unlike their Xrd version. Players will have to place them at good spots to fully use them at their best capacity.

Nimble Fighter On Her Own

By herself, Jack-O' fights flexibly and often use acrobatic attacks to hit her foes. Jack-O's normals are also built for providing openings for her servant as she has some far reaching normals and even multi-hitting attacks. Players can feel refreshed as she doesn't need to fully rely on her servants to fight but only compliment her own attacks if she wants to be fully deadly to her foe.


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