Guilty Gear Strive: How To Throw

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Unlike other fighting games, Guilty Gear Strive has a different approach and input when it comes to throws. This move is actually a strong option and must stay in a player's arsenal if they want to go far in this game. Here's how to throw people to the floor in Guilty Gear Strive.

Guilty Gear Strive How To Throw

In Guilty Gear Strive, every character has the ability to do a regular throw and is mapped at the same button. To throw an enemy, players will need to press backward Dust attack or forward Dust attack to make your character throw. For many online references on guides, the Guilty Gear Strive regular throw will be mentioned as 4D as the backward throw or 6D as the forward throw.


The move's range needs to be close to connect and lift the enemy off the floor. If it misses, the character does an vulnerable whiff where it tries to grab nothing and is visibly surprised.

Throw Usefulness

While the move doesn't deal as much damage than combos, using throws is actually crucial in building your offense in Guilty Gear Strive. Landing a throw in this game forces your enemy on the floor with an advantage to the thrower.

When an enemy is swept down and is waking up from the floor, every character actually has a lot of options to keep pressuring them into taking another hit. The throw move actually allows this situation to happen.


Alternatively, the throw is also a good option on wakeup as it is faster than many standing attacks in the game.

Throw Trumps Reversals

Uniquely, Arc System Works adds a unique interaction of regular throw against invulnerable reversals or Dragon Punches. If timed right, a regular throw will win against invulnerable reversals and scoop the enemy up.

Normally, invulnerable reversals wins to any action that does lead to a clean block and punishing its recovery. For just this reason, it is crucial to learn how to throw your foes in this game.