Guilty Gear Strive: How To Spectate

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Spectator mode has always been an important feature for many competitive video games in the market. Guilty Gear Strive is not an exception and also has a competent version of this feature built into it. Here's how to access spectactor mode in the game.

How To Spectate In Guilty Gear Strive

In order to access the Guilty Gear Strive spectator mode, players will need to make a player lobby. It doesn't matter if it's public or private but will need the room to accommodate fit more than two people inside.


Once this type of room is made, two players will need to get into a station and fight. Meanwhile, the other players will need to interact with the book in the middle of the station. The Spectate match feature will be in there.

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Your Spectating Choices

More than just adding the mode, players actually have a choice for spectating the matches. Players can go and spectate the matches while waiting to be the next one for the station. Alternatively, players can also go for just spectating the match while letting the other players take the line.


Due to the spectating feature and choices of Guilty Gear Strive, it is highly viable to stream the game with a group of friends. On the other end, Guilty Gear Strive online tournaments are also viable to stream due to the streaming feature of the private rooms.

Spectating In Other Lobbies

As of now, the other Guilty Gear Strive ranked tower and public lobbies are also other areas where players can meet and play. However, these two multiplayer modes don't have access to the spectator mode. We've yet to know if Arc System Works will include the spectator mode in the game's public multiplayer mode.

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