Guilty Gear Strive: How To Invite Friends

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Inviting friends in Guilty Gear Strive works differently from most fighting games. Using Steam or PlayStation Network's friend system may not help as much as the game has an independent system. Here's how you can invite friends in Guilty Gear Strive.

Multiplayer Mode

Guilty Gear Strive's online multiplayer mode is a manual affair if aiming to play with friends online. Players will need to contact their friends outside of the game through messaging apps and social media. Keeping these lines up will be handy in locating your friends in the online multiplayer mode.


Depending on the number of friends you're planning to play with, regional online multiplayer parks and private rooms may be up to your tastes.

Regional Parks

For the online parks, players will need to pick which region they want to meet in. Once the region is picked, players will be shown which floors for the ranked tower are available to join in. The parks will be available after pressing the shoulder button. Pick one and inform your friends to converge on that park.

Once inside, meet your friend in front of an arcade station to connect. Wait for the match to successfully connect and you'll be put in a match vs your friend. Make sure to have unique names to easily find each other in the lobby


Private Rooms

If aiming to meet your friend without the chance of a random player taking your arcade station from you, the Player Match option is for you. Choose "Create Your Own Room" to make a private lobby that can hold up to 8 people. After selecting the options, pick the "Specific" option for the room to lock it down.

This option will provide the room host with a room ID. This room ID must manually be passed to your friends which must be used as the Search ID for your friends. Search ID acts like a password that only allows your friends to get in your room. No one else can get in unless the room ID was sent to them.

Once you've found your friends in the room, the Private Lobby can be customized on its rules on who gets the next turn to fight. The lobby also has four stations for multiple matches to run. Lastly, your friends can also spectate a match if they want to watch a fight.