Guilty Gear Strive: How To Input Charge Moves

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Charged special attacks in Guilty Gear Strive are among the best moves in the game. Most characters who have them are often strong picks in the game. With that in mind, here's how you can use the charge moves in Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive Charge Characters

As of now only a few characters in Guilty Gear Strive have charge inputs for their special moves. Here are the few characters who have them:

  • Potemkin
  • May

Most characters have quarter circle and half circle motions for their special move and supers. These charge inputs work way differently even though the input only requires them to press two buttons.

How To Perform Charge Moves In Guilty Gear Strive

Using charge moves requires players to get used a timing in between the two inputs. The inputs for this move are often Hold left then right or Hold down then up. Players will only need to hold the first direction button and quickly press the second direction and attack button at the same time to use the charge special move.


To consecutively keep doing charging moves, players will need to input the charge somewhere early in the animation of a slow attack. Once the slow attack connects, players can immediately let go of the first button and press the next pair of buttons to do a charge move. Compared to other fighting games, Guilty Gear Strive has a more lenient window to do a charge input which allows many players to rapid fire the charge moves whenever possible.

This pattern is often seen in rapid applications of the Horizontal Mr. Dolphin special attack.

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Potemkin's Charges

One of Potemkin's charge moves is the Hammer Fall special move. The input for this is a back to forward charge and is listed in Numpad Notation as 4[6]HS. When performed, Potemkin charges forward to the foe to clamp them in between his two massive fists.


However, the move also acts as Potemkin's ground dash if cancelled halfway. Normally, Potemkin has no regular dash options compared to the rest of the cast. Learning how to use Hammer Fall can make Potemkin a threat vs players who keep trying to escape him from afar.

May's Dolphins

Many Guilty Gear Strive players have learned to fear May's Mr. Dolphin specials and for good reason. This move is where she rides a dolphin to ram into the opponent's face. Unlike Potemkin, May has a down to up version of this charge move in addition to back to forward version. Here are the Mr Dolphin moves in Numpad Notation

  • Mr. Dolphin (Horizontal)- 4[6]S or 4[6]HS
  • Mr. Dolphin (Vertical) 2[8]S or 2[8]HS

In many matches, players will often see May players consistently use the Slash version of the Horizontal Mr. Dolphin move. This move is oppressive when blocked as

May's followup attack can be a Slash attack or another Horizontal Mr. Dolphin. Players trying to contest this pressure with their own attack often get punished with a counterhit and receive a full combo from May afterwards. Among the cast, May is known to have a high damage output on all her attacks and combos.

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