Guilty Gear Strive: How To Earn Money Fast

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In Guilty Gear Strive, cosmetics and extra music tracks are locked behind a fishing minigame. The minigame requires players to use in-game currency to try and pull these cosmetics. Here's how you can earn the cash fast in Guilty Gear Strive.

How To Earn Currency In Guilty Gear Strive

Earning Currency is crucial if aiming to make the most out of playing Guilty Gear Strive. So far, players can only buy some of the extra content available in the game. The content that can be obtained with cash are cosmetics for the player's online avatar, extra background music, and various gallery content.


To get these items, players will have to pay on the Fishing mode of Guilty Gear Strive. Players can fish for one item for 200 currency and 10 items for 2,000 currency.

The Fishing minigame can net players with the cosmetics, gallery items, music tracks, and actual aquatic life. Stacking up to 10 sea creatures can build up for a guaranteed rare item. However, the rarity system is not that explained well in this game in which the guaranteed item's value can vary from player to player.

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How To Earn Money Fast

One way to get fast cash in the game is to run through the Mission mode and complete every challenge. In the Mission mode, players will be taught how to play Guilty Gear Strive and understand more about the game's mechanics and characters.

Completing all of the missions will prepare you for the faster way to get the Guilty Gear Strive cash faster.

Bring A Friend In For Even Faster Cash

As designed, playing online against other players is also a faster way to get more cash in the game. Proceed to the ranked tower, public lobbies, or private rooms to start earning the cash. To get started as soon as possible, it's best to have a friend to fight over and over again to get the cash. Play the match as you see fit to your goals.


Meanwhile, it's also better to choose different characters from time to time. Levelling up your characters also grants extra cash. Even if you don't know how to use a certain character, trying them out for the level up cash is a good idea.

The public lobby and private rooms will only give out large experience to the character up until they hit level 100. If aiming to earn more levels beyond that, this is only possible again once you hit the penthouse of the ranked tower which is the Celestial floor. The best of the best players are allowed to stay here as losing too much will get you demoted to the 10th floor.

How Much Money Is Rewarded For Winning And Losing In The Game

Currently, we've yet to confirm how much cash is awarded on players on every win and lose they gain while playing online against other players. However, it is confirmed that players gain cash when they level up their characters through online play.


Wins award more experience while losses give out miniscule experience. Additionally, lower level characters get an experience boost on wins until level 100. Meanwhile, players can get massive level experience again on winning fights in he uppermost Celestial floor of the ranked tower.

Nevertheless, just keep fighting alot even if it's the same foe and try to win as much as you can to get rewarded with at least more than 20,000 money once you return back to the main menu.

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