Guilty Gear Strive: How To Beat Sol Badguy

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In the whole Guilty Gear series, Sol Badguy is its long-time main character and is still the hero of the Guilty Gear Strive story. As he is the poster character, many players have started with him and you'll meet alot of Sol players in the public lobbies.

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With that in mind, you might be wondering how you can beat Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear Strive. Keep reading, this guide will explain the best way to counter Sol.


What is Sol Badguy's Biggest Strength

As a main character, Sol Badguy is designed to be a beginner friendly character. He has straightforward special moves and supers which are designed to hit hard when they hit. Sol's offensive options are also intuitive and potent which encourages players to go wild.

However, Sol's true strength is that his tools are currently too effective for its own good. He has a pressure string which consists of pressing only one button. Sol can also deal at least 30% health for short combos and even more than half for longer combos. Due to his high kill potential and effective tools, Sol attracts many players who aim to win.

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How To Beat Sol Badguy

When fighting Sol, many players will rely on pressuring you with repeated bombardment of his Far Slash attack. This fast gut-punch returns Sol his offensive turn when blocked as its frame advantage is +2 on block. Trying to contest this move with any button will get you caught up in a counterhit which further boosts the combo he starts with this gut punch.

In easier terms, Sol will keep hammering you with this move until you show him that you know how to punish it. Fortunately, this tactic has a weakness to Faultless Defense if Sol uses it consecutively. Blocking the Far Slash pressure with Faultless Defense creates enough space for players to use a 6P or a 2K to stop his pressure.

Once you keep hitting Sol out of his Far Slash pressure, his player will have to think twice unless they want to keep losing health this way. If you make the Sol player hesitate on spamming moves, you'll get the breathing room you'll need in the matchup.


Counters: Contest His Offense

In order to breathe in fights against Sol Badguy, you'll have to show that you know how to work around his attacks. The Sol matchup needs players to have proactive defense and not passive blocking.

Simply blocking Sol will not do as his Far Slash pressure and his other offensive tools will crank up your RISC gauge up high. Getting this meter filled up will boost the defender's damage taken on the next hit they take. Lastly, passively blocking Sol will encourage him to use either Wild Throw or Heavy Mob Cemetery super which defeats blocking.

It will be better to study Sol's openings and confidently contest it whenever they show it. Sol's offensive tools shine when they're feared but lose their effectiveness when respected for its strengths and punished when poorly used.


Overall, the Sol matchup is a test of consistency and knowledge of Sol Badguy for both players if they want to win the match. Sol Badguy's current tier in Guilty Gear Strive is pretty high which makes him command the match immediately when he enters the match.

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