Guilty Gear Strive: How To Beat Reversals

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Many fighting games often have characters that can do a Shoryuken or Dragon Punch. These moves allow players to win attack exchanges and even escape tight pressure situations. Players who want to proceed forward will need to learn how to punish these reliable reversal moves in Guilty Gear Strive.

Guilty Gear Strive Reversals Walkthrough Guide

So most characters, have a Reversal option to help them get out of rapid pressure and predictable attacks. By design, reversals make the character fully invulnerable and deliver an attack on their own. The move's properties make it a difficult move to fight against.


However, the drawbacks of these moves are they are extremely vulnerable when blocked and may even have gaps where players can interrupt the whole reversal. Here's a list of reversals in the game that you should worry about

  • Sol Badguy's Volcanic Viper and Tyrant Rave
  • Ky Kiske's Vapor Thrust and Ride The Lightning
  • Leo Whitefang's Eisen Sturm and Liedenschaft des Dirigenten
  • Chipp Zanuff's Beta Blade
  • Potemkin's Giganter Kai
  • May's The Wonderful and Dynamic Goshogawara
  • Axl Low's Sickle Storm
  • Faust's Bone-Crushing Excitement
  • Giovanna's Ventania
  • Ramlethal Valentine's Mortobato
  • Nagoriyuki's Wasureyuki

Once these reversals and aptly respected enough to defend correctly against them, landing a punish for guarding them becomes possible.

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Learn To Throw Punish

While not intuitive at first, the Guilty Gear Strive developers have included a unique interaction of throws against special move reversals. If grabbed early into its animation, the reversal will get grabbed and not work at all. So far, these reversals are the ones you can scoop the enemy out of:

  • Volcanic Viper
  • Vapor Thrust
  • Eisen Sturm
  • Beta Blade

If your enemy uses these moves too predictably, try punishing them with a throw to prevent them from doing it over and over.

Always Block Them Grounded, Punish With Haste

However, these reversals also have a unique interaction when blocked in the air. Trying to block these moves in the air will send the defender flying too far to land any punish it.

To fully exploit the weakness of this move, players will need to block these moves on the ground to prevent the blowback and stay in range for the punish. However, players will need to be swift on punishing these moves as their recoveries are fairly fast even when blocked correctly.

As long as the move keeps getting punished, enemies will use it less and less if they want to avoid the damage and lose the round carelessly.

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