Guilty Gear Strive: How To Beat Chipp Zanuff

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In Guilty Gear Strive, Chipp Zanuff places well on the game's tierlist extremely well. Despite his fragile defenses and low health, Chipp can whip up a storm in matches and confuse the enemy with his speed until they run out of health. Defending against this character is difficult but not impossible.

Chipp Zanuff As A Character

In the game, Chipp Zanuff is a fast rushdown character with good reversal options and potent tools to breach the enemy's defense to get started with his high-speed pressure.


Overall, his well-rounded offense and optimal options for defence make him a threat to fight in this game. His only downside is he has low defenses which make him lose rounds faster when he keeps getting hit in the match. Players who fight Chipp must make their every hit count and land the hardest combos they have.

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Rekka Pressure

When Chipp gets a hold of you and makes you block, the Resshou rekka mixup comes into play. This rekka special containing the palm strike, leg sweep, and the jumping axe kick is designed to punish impatient players who try to escape him during pressure. Here's what you can do when Chipp uses this pressure:

  • Resshou (palm strike) - It is best to respect this button as many Chipp players use this on block to check what you do on block. If they notice you're too giddy, the delayed Rokusai follow-up will open you up. This move is scary to see as it works as a frametrap starter and a safe special to end pressure with.
  • Rokusai (low sweep) - When used rapidly, this is a gapless pressure option after Resshou. However, the pressure ends here as it is -6 on block and the next rekka option is an overhead with a sluggish startup. Aim to look for punishes around here. On the other hand, Chipp has a chance to keep himself safe if he has at least 50 Tension for a Purple Roman Cancel on block
  • Senshuu (slow overhead) - This move often comes out when Chipp keeps clipping you with his Rokusai sweep and you start low blocking. This move shines as it can be used after Resshou which makes Chipp's rekka pressure confusing. Start bashing your 6P attacks when you hear Chipp shout "BANZAI!" at the top of his lungs. This battle cry is your sound cue to hit Forward Punch, any fast button, or invulnerable reversal to stop it.

To avoid this pressure, you'll need to keep interrupting the enemy Chipp correctly and even land a good combo for him after this. Due to how safe Resshou is for Chipp, his players often get a free conditioning setup if you don't make your interrupts count. Chipp has low health and defense which makes mistakes extra painful for him.

Where To Block Alpha Blade?

Chipp's Alpha Blade innately crossups when used close to his opponent. Blocking this move normally doesn't work as the special move hits behind Chipp's enemy when he uses it too close. Take note of Alpha Blade's slash line and check if it extends behind you.


If it does, guard low the other way to block it and punish it. If it barely reaches you, block low the regular way. Take note of this blocking for the vertical version as well.

If you're feeling confident, Alpha Blade can also be punished with a well-timed fast button after he disappears after a horizontal Alpha Blade. Chipp will get stuffed and appear right in front of you if correctly done.

Even if you know the answer, this punish is still a tall order as Chipp's Alpha Blade is hard to react to. If Chipp uses this attack too predictably at least you'll know what to do about it.

Chipp's Fast Buttons

One of Chipp's strengths is his faster buttons compared to the rest of the cast. Chipp's buttons allows him to win exchanges by speed and even allow him many options to interrupt pressure too. Make sure to respect his buttons for their speed but still punish him for carelessly whiffing it in range.

Lastly, always take note that his far Slash can reach his foes immediately at round start. If you don't have an option to contest that, it'll be best to take note of that advantage.

Ninja Drill

Lastly, Chipp has a great air button, j.2K which makes him spin downward like a drill on his foes. This move tracks and needs a button with good vertical coverage to fight it. When it hits, it assures a combo to his 2K and continued with a 2D for a knockdown and frame trap into his 2K on block. It's a difficult button to deal with


For many characters, their Standing Punch and Forward Punch attacks are solid answers to this but can be hard to use when the j.2K tracking avoids the range.

Nevertheless, some characters can win the situation if their Standing Punch trades with ninja drill kick as they can recover in time for a pickup with Kick or Slash into a combo.

On the other end, blocking this move must be done with a Faultless Defense. Even though there's no chip damage to remove from this attack, Faultless Defense's increased pushback will push him out of his 2K range and make it miss. The whiffed 2K is a good window for you to punish.

Overall, these tools can only help you so much in fighting Chipp Zanuff. However, never underestimate the Chipp player as these solutions can be adjusted easily if they notice you doing it. Nevertheless, making Chipp think of new options to fight you will open up the other opportunities you can find to punish him again.

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