Guilty Gear Strive: How To Use Fishing Mode

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Guilty Gear Strive has a unique Fishing Mode which allows players to fish out extra content. These extra content could be avatar cosmetics, music tracks, and other content you can enjoy outside the fighting game. Here's how to use Guilty Gear Strive's fishing feature.

What Is The Guilty Gear Strive Fishing Mode?

The game rewards people with cash with every match they play and level up they achieve. The money can be used in Fishing Mode where players literally fish for loot in the game. To make the most of this mode, players will need a lot of cash for it.


For its single fishing try, it'll cost the player 200 cash. However, players fish for 10 items in one go for 2000 cash.

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How To Fish In Guilty Gear Strive

Follow these steps to get to the fishing mode in Guilty Gear Strive:

  • From the Main Menu you need to select Network and then Online Match.
  • You need to access the Park. It doesn't matter what lobby you choose.
  • When you're in the lobby, you need to navigate to the bridge.
  • The soldier standing on the left side of the bridge will give you access to the fishing mechanic.
Fishing in Guilty Gear Strive

Fishing Mode Prizes And Consolations

Fishing actually rewards players with some avatar cosmetics, music tracks, and even some gallery content. The Avatar cosmetics can be used the player's hat, weapon, and clothes when going in the online lobbies. Fishing may also give some unique emotes which help express some player reactions while still waiting in lobby.


On the other end, the Fishing mode can also give some Gallery content. The music tracks can be viewed in the Gallery and even be used as the preferred in-match music.

Lastly, artworks can also be earned through the Fishing Mode too. The Gallery can show some of the concept art of how the character's costumes came to be.

Previous Games

In the previous Guilty Gear Xrd entries, the game had a shop where players can buy the extra tracks and artworks. Unlike Guilty Gear Strive's Fishing Mode, some color palettes and even previous costumes were available for purchase in here. If the player hasn't availed of them, some DLC characters can also be purchased off the same store.

As of now, all DLC characters of Guilty Gear Strive are needed to be bought separately or own the season pass to use them in the game.