Guilty Gear Strive: Happy Chaos Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

Arc System Works has confirmed further details about Guilty Gear Strive's third DLC character, Happy Chaos. This new character brandishes a pair of guns to shoot his foes as he fights.

However, this character is more than just a lunatic who helped out to destroy the world in Guilty Gear Strive. Here's what you need to know.

Who is Happy Chaos in Guilty Gear Strive?

In Guilty Gear Strive's story, Happy Chaos is one of the main villains who helped I-no achieve her goals to destroy the current world. In their goals, he's hatched plans such as using Nagoriyuki against Sol Badguy.

More than just an unpredictable accomplice to I-no, Happy Chaos was actually a strong magus who taught a previous Guilty Gear antagonist, Asuka R. Kreutz, about magic. His current state of insanity was due to being fused with half of I-no's time-altering powers, which gave him omnipotence and is experiencing life in a non-linear fashion.

As a character, Happy Chaos has a unique system that he can raise to aim his gun and shoot his foes. The special feature of his gun is he can shoot at any time while it is raised, which allows him to juggle foes immediately in combos and extend pressure where most characters can't.

We'll update you how players find more about this character's playstyle is found and discovered.

Happy Chaos Move List

Before his release, Arc System Works released his move list, showcasing them in one trailer. The Happy Chaos arsenal of shooting and magic, written in Numpad Notation, are as follows:

  • At The Ready - Heavy Slash or 236+Slash
  • Steady Aim - 214+Slash
  • Reload - 22+Punch
  • Roll - 214+Kick
  • Curse - 236+Punch
  • Fire - While At The Ready or Steady Aim, Heavy Slash
  • Cancel Aim - During any of the gun aiming specials, 2+Heavy Slash
  • Focus - 214+Punch
  • Scapegoat - 236+Kick
  • Deus Ex Machina (Overdrive) - 632146+Slash
  • Super Focus (Install Overdrive) - 214214+Punch

Additionally, Happy Chaos has two resource meters, namely his Focus meter and his Bullet Count. His Focus Meter decides how long can Happy Chaos can keep aiming his gun. Meanwhile, his Bullet Count shows how many shots he has left, before he has to stop shooting and reload.

Happy Chaos Beginners Guide

We'll have to wait for release before we get any solid tips on playing this character cleanly. However, most characters with unique resources almost always require their players to understand its use, and actually spend it on their foes.

As a character using a gun that runs out of bullets and gets tired with aiming, players need to budget his unique resources to make the best of him.

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Happy Chaos Tips To Get Better

Again, we've not yet provided any tips until more players pick him up and see the potential of Happy Chaos in matches. We'll update you in the days and weeks after his release.

The Best Happy Chaos Combo In Guilty Gear Strive

We'll dig deep and post the best combos and setups here as soon as the best players cook them up following Happy Chaos' release.

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