Guilty Gear Strive: How To Beat Millia Rage

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In Guilty Gear Strive, Millia Rage is still a fast, agile character who benefits in trapping her foes in difficult-to-escape situations until she wins. Players will have to get used to her tactics in order survive fights against her. Here's how you can beat Millia Rage in Guilty Gear Strive.

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High Mobility With Double Air Dashes

In order to understand Millia Rage, it will be best to start to know all of her options in the air. For starters, Millia Rage is the only character who can air dash twice in midair in Guilty Gear Strive. Due to this, Millia can evade enemy anti-airs, extend air combos longer, and even confuse her foes where she'll be attacking from the air.

It'll be best to count her movement options in the air to land a decisive anti-air on her. At best, she has access to one more jump and two air dashes in mid-air. If you see that already spent, she'll drop straight down and land your anti-air cleanly on her.

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Tandem Top Setup Into Four-Way Mixup

Millia's win condition in matches is to land any combo into a hard knockdown to start her setups. As a character, Millia's combos doesn't hit as hard at first. However, her damage truly shows when she starts punishing her foes for their impatience. Her kit is built on setting up these situations and destroy her foes once they feel they can't press a button due to getting trapped in her setups.

Her common setup is to land a hard knockdown on her foes and throw a Heavy Slash version of Tandem Top on them. This version of Tandem Top is a projectile that attacks after a short delay. Knocking her enemies down primes them in the spot to not escape in time to this slow projectile and find an opening to her block.

If you get caught in this, keep your patience as trying to move in this will get you caught up in the Tandem Top and Millia can continue with with a combo that will lead to another Tandem Top setup. She'll keep doing this until you run of health.


To escape this, you'll have to respect that she has a four-way mixup once this starts. For starters, she can hit you with an overhead or low on both your left or right side. Guess which one she'll use.

However, a good tell if she can go over you is your distance from her when she uses Tandem Top. If she is too close, she can go over you. If you are on the other farther edge of the Tandem Top, she can only hit in front of you. Alternatively, if she uses Tandem Top too late to force a four-way setup, you may get up in time to use a Standing Jab to stop her setup in mid-air.

While it helps to know, the four-way mixup is a hard to guess to correctly at times which makes Millia Rage strong once she gets her gameplan started.

Control Her Mobility

Once you land a hit on her, never let her go easily and try to deal as much damage as possible. Millia Rage is one of the characters with lowest defense in the game. If possible, trap her in situations that are also difficult to escape as she has no meterless invulnerable reversals to escape.


When she gets hit with a hard knockdown, go near her and find a good button that'll land a counterhit if she chooses to press a button. Space it well as wakeup throw is a good option to defeat buttons designed to prevent an easy wakeup. If Millia Rage is allowed to wake up without pressure, she'll jump around again and start using her air mobility to attempt to start her game plan once again.

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