Guilty Gear Strive: Goldlewis Dickinson Guide

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One month after the game's release, Arc System Works releases the first DLC character in Guilty Gear Strive. The first character pick is the right-hand man of the United States of America, Goldlewis Dickinson. Here's how to play this juggernaut in Guilty Gear Strive.

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Who is Goldlewis Dickinson?

Guilty Gear Strive is the first time that Goldlewis Dickinson is added to the main story of the series. Dickinson works for United States of America President Vernon and is the secretary of defence of the nation. In the story mode, Dickinson can be seen managing the security of the White House as it hosts a G4 Summit between the major political powers in the Guilty Gear world.

Playstyle-wise, Goldlewis Dickinson works well up close where he can unleash a flurry of guard crushing moves through his variety of Behemoth Typhoon special moves. However, players will need to figure out how to get him near enough as he has subpar speed and mobility compared to most of the cast.

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Goldlewis Dickinson Movelist

In battle, he uses a large coffin containing an Unidentified Mysterious Animal and an assortment of heavy weaponry including a Gatling Gun and flying mine. He also has a variety of Behemoth Typhoons which are done through inputting a different half-circle directional input. Here's what Goldlewis can do in matches written in Numpad Notation:

  • Behemoth Typhoon (fast version) - 63214HS
  • Behemoth Typhoon (slow, corner wallbounce version) - 41236HS
  • Behemoth Typhoon (launcher version) - 23698HS
  • Behemoth Typhoon (sideswitch version) - 21478HS
  • Behemoth Typhoon (fast, upward version) - 69874HS
  • Behemoth Typhoon (slow, overhead, groundbounce version) - 47896HS
  • Behemoth Typhoon (low version) - 87412HS
  • Behemoth Typhoon (fast overhead version) - 89632HS
  • Thunderbird - 214S
  • Skyfish - 236S
  • Down With The System (Overdrive Super) - 632146P or 720P (level 2 version, zooms in on Goldlewis) or 1080P (level 3 zooms in on Goldlewis and breaks his glasses)
  • Burn It Down (Overdrive Laser Super) - 236236K

Goldlewis Dickinson Beginner Guide

As a beginner, Goldlewis Dickinson's most reliable normals are 5P, 2P, close Slash, far Slash, and 5HS. As a slow fighter, he may often be on the defense and must prepare to interrupt the enemy's attacks and his 5P and 2P are reliable options for that. Once that connects, it can be combo into the fast versions of Behemoth Typhoon to lay the hurt.

Once the opponent relents, use close Slash and far Slash to wrest control of neutral and pressure them back. The 5HS coffin drop doesn't look much but it can be fast enough to punish the opponent if they try to interrupt your attacks. If any of these attacks connect, aim to land the fast version of Behemoth Typhoon to cash in on the damage.

Even though his title is the Secretary of Absolute Defense, he actually has lacking options in defence and struggles to survive in rapid pressure. He has no invulnerable reversal and can only do it with 50 Tension through his Down With The System Overdrive super.


Overall, try to control the opponent's movement with good defense and take openings accordingly when they slow down their offense to find a way to open you up.

Goldlewis Dickinson Tips To Improve

Goldlewis Dickinson shines well when all of his Behemoth Typhoons are utilized in a match. Try to find a use for each of them to show your opponent that you can deal the hurt. For example, his sideswitch Behemoth Typhoon can lead to lethal combo when confirmed 5P when Goldlewis is backed against the corner. It will throw his enemy toward the wall and can go for a combo that can break the wall.

Additionally, all of his Behemoth Typhoons are assured guard breaks when blocked regardless if it is blocked normally, using Faultless Defense or just guarded. The Behemoth Typhoon deals a massive chunk of chip damage which can end the round if the enemy's health is low enough.

Lastly, Goldlewis Dickinson players can benefit well if they can consistently pull off a Behemoth Typhoon off any confirm they can get.

Goldlewis Dickinson Combos

As a slow character that focuses on defense, Goldlewis Dickinson's combos must count as he rarely gets opportunities to get close on most matchups. Here are some beginner combos that you can do to land as much damage as you can

  • 5P>63214HS
  • 2P>63214HS
  • In corner, close S>2HS>41236HS>1080P
  • 2K>2D>214S
  • close S>far S>5HS>63214HS
  • 6D>214S
  • close S>6HS>236S

All of these combos are designed to give breathing space to Goldlewis Dickinson to stop their foe's pressure. More combos landed will slowly build some restraint on your foes to avoid getting hit hard with your attacks.

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