Guilty Gear Strive: First DLC Character Goldlewis Dickinson Releases On July 27

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As seen in the July 21 reveal, Guilty Gear Strive is getting Goldlewis Dickinstein as its first DLC character later in the same month. This massive fighter carries a massive coffin and other conspiracy-themed weaponry to take down his foes. Here's what we know about this new character in Guilty Gear Strive

Who Is Goldlewis Dickinstein in Guilty Gear Strive

During the game's story mode, Goldlewis Dickinson is introduced once Sol Badguy arrives in the United States of America. Dickinson is a military aide close to the President and was in charge of the operation of retaking White House from Happy Chaos and his army of brainwashed security detail.


Dickinson also fought for a few moments during their retake of White House as he covered his soldiers with a massive barrier against the brainwashed security. As for his other moves, Dickinson didn't have a major fight against any of the main characters of Guilty Gear Strive.

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As seen in the trailer, Dickinson was seen swinging his coffin and calling his alien friend inside to help him out in attacks. Meanwhile, he also uses gatling guns and even calls down an orbital laser to fight his foes. He also has a chasing animation which could be a command throw when he gets close enough to his enemy.


As a fighting game character, the trailer doesn't show any obvious hints of a character archetype he could be. Potentially, he could be an all-arounder big body character which could be a reverse of Potemkin's playstyle.

Release Date

As seen in the trailer, Goldlewis Dickinson will be playable to Season Pass holders for as early as July 27. Players who want to buy his DLC pack separately will have to wait for July 30.

Meanwhile, the second DLC of Guilty Gear Strive is confirmed for an August 2021 release. The developers have confirmed that it will be a returning character from previous Guilty Gear entries but the developers have yet to reveal any hints of who it's going to be.


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