Evo Champion Leffen reveals his Guilty Gear Strive 1.09 Tier list

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EVO 2021 Europe regional champion Leffen has recently released a fresh tier list for Guilty Gear Strive for its Patch 1.09 update. Many top tiers have stayed strong from the previous updates while some characters have climbed up as new S tiers. Here's what we know about his thoughts about the game at the moment.

Guilty Gear Strive Top Tiers In Patch 1.09 According To Leffen

For Patch 1.09, Leffen has released a new tier list as this update dropped with many character buffs and adjustments across the board and the inclusion of the new character, Jack-O' Valentine.


So far, the tier list doesn't immediately hold his main character, Chipp Zanuff, in high praises as his character sits at the bottom end of the S tiers. While still strong, Leffen admits that Chipp's changes have left him lesser strength than the previous patch.

Nevertheless, Leffen used this character to secure the champion spot for the Europe region in the recent EVO 2021 regional online tournaments.

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Who's In The Guilty Gear Strive Top Tiers?

So far, Leffen's tier list still follows a similar lineup from the previous patch. As expected, the previous patch's top character, Sol Badguy, is still sitting on the upper ranks. Here's what his tierlists are for Patch 1.09:

Post EVO 2021 Regionals Patch 1.09 PS4 Tierlist

  • SSS - Sol Badguy
  • S+ - Leo Whitefang, May, Chipp Zanuff, Nagoriyuki, Ramlethal Valentine, Potemkin
  • S- - Zato-1, Axl Low
  • A - Giovanna, Millia Rage, I-No, Ky Kiske
  • B - Faust, Anji Mito, Goldlewis Dickinson

Post EVO 2021 Regionals Patch 1.09 PC Tierlist

  • SSS - Sol Badguy
  • S+ - Leo Whitefang, May
  • S - Ramlethal Valentine, Chipp Zanuff, Nagoriyuki, Potemkin
  • S- -Zato-1
  • A - Giovanna, Millia Rage, Axl Low, I-No, Ky Kiske
  • B - Faust, Anji Mito, Goldlewis Dickinson

Fresh Patch 1.09 Tierlist

  • SS - Sol Badguy
  • S - Leo Whitefang, Nagoriyuki, May, Ramlethal Valentine, Potemkin/Chipp Zanuff (tied for bottom spot for S tiers)
  • A - Zato-1, I-No, Ky Kiske, Axl Low, Giovanna, Millia Rage
  • B - Goldlewis Dickinson, Anji Mito, Faust
  • Jack-O' - Has potential to be around A to SS but too early to see high execution with a freshly released character barely a week old.

The reason why Leffen made a separate tier list for the platforms is that the PC version of Guilty Gear Strive has a different frame input lag from the PS4 version when played online. Due to this, some characters may have setups and pressure that can be more difficult to interrupt and thus climb their tiers up higher on different platforms.


What Are The Big Changes in Guilty Gear Strive Top Tiers?

Even though Sol Badguy was adjusted, he still remains a SS tier character in Guilty Gear Strive. His far Slash gut punch and forward Slash lunging sword slash has been adjusted to be more interruptible in Patch 1.09. Even with this adjustment, the developers still kept his high damage output and gave him a new combo route if his Wild Throw is Roman Cancelled. Generally, Sol Badguy remains a threat with decent all-around tools with enough damage to delete his foe's health or leave them bleeding low once he lands a single hit into a clean combo.

Following behind him is the top dog of the S tier, Leo Whitefang, where he sports an all-around toolkit good for offense and defense. Despite his well-rounded options, Leo still has access to strong pressure which escalates to oppressive once he gets started with his backturn stance.

Next up is Nagoriyuki who climbed up the tiers well as most of his players have learned to play around his dangerous Blood Gauge resource. High-level Nagoriyuki players know how to keep him from transforming which obliterates his health and turns him into a glacial but effective zoner due to large sword swings. Part of his high-level play also lies in taking some risk through partially filling up the Blood Gauge with special moves and taking advantage of the extended sword ranges but still not transforming. All in all, great Nagoriyuki players can go far with his hard-hitting, far-reaching sword strikes with a good sense of taking risks.

Following the large Samurai is May who remains strong due to her high damage output. However, her adjustments on her Slash normals now allows foes to contest May on her usual pokes which hurts her offense a bit.

Meanwhile, Ramlethal Valentine still remains strong but the nerfs on her reliable jumping Heavy Slash jump-in hurt her and the improvements on her other moves doesn't matter much if playing her as for her strong, conservative pokes.

Lastly, Potemkin and Chipp Zanuff share the last spot of the top tiers for this patch. Potemkin's changes doesn't affect his strength heavily for this patch. Meanwhile, Chipp Zanuff's adjustments increased the risk and reward of his j.2K aerial ninja drill which removes its security in pressuring foes consistently. This option allowed Chipp to pressure foes relentlessly until they learn how to defend and interrupt it properly. As of this patch, the developers improved Chipp's already strong grounded neutral as tradeoff for making the j.2K easier to interrupt but harder to stop Chipp's next pressure when it hits.


For now, these top tiers are the characters that can be relevant up until the last leg of the EVO 2021 showcase where all regional champions will duke it out in every main game on November 27 to 28. However, we'll have to see if the players discover something new for a character that changes the whole meta for Guilty Gear Strive before this date comes.

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