Guilty Gear Strive Axl Low Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

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Out of the whole cast, Axl Low is the most jolly and jovial than the rest of the bunch. However, his zoner playstyle relies on your efficiency to ruin anyone's day with his long-range attacks. Here's how you can play Axl Low in the latest Guilty Gear title this 2021

Who is Axl Low in Guilty Gear Strive?

Despite his goofy appearance in matches and his attacks, Axl Low is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the Guilty Gear universe. For his powers, Axl Low actually has powers of fire and time travel while using a Japanese chain and sickle to apply this. In the Guilty Gear Strive story, he's one of the main characters that help Sol Badguy in saving the world and actually get the goal of his whole story.


Axl Low Move List

In Guilty Gear Strive, Axl Low's moveset has been improved to be more intuitive to his zoner playstyle. Most of his special moves can be used to control space during fights and finish combos even if his long-range attack hits far. Here's what he can do in the game:

  • Sickle Flash - [4]6S
  • Soaring Chain Strike - After Sickle Flash, press 8
  • Spinning Chain Strike - After Sickle Flash, press 2
  • Winter Cherry - After Sickle Flash, press or hold S
  • Winter Mantis - 41236HS
  • Rainwater - 214S
  • Snail - 214HS (Air OK)
  • Axl Bomber - In mid-air, 623S
  • Sickle Storm (Overdrive Super) - 236236H
  • One Vision (Overdrive Install Super) - 632146P to install, 632146 to use time stop.

Axl Low Beginners Guide

When playing as Axl, beginners must understand how the zoner playstyle works. Trying to brawl up close as Axl is not always a smart idea as he doesn't have fast attacks up close compared to the rest of the cast.


To get started, beginners must understand all how his sickle normals work. Every single normal where Axl throws a scythe covers an angle of the screen. When enemies cross or is looking to cross these angles, Axl players can press that button to stop them in their tracks.

Players getting hit cleanly and consecutively by Axl's normals may get wary and slow down on their offense. During this time, some of Axl's special attacks can push the advantage as they excel in punishing foes outside of the range of his normal attacks.

Official Screenshot of Axl Low from Guilty Gear Strive

Axl Low Tips To Get Better

As an Axl Low player, it'll be best to understand the concept of life leads and controlling your zone effectively. For many zoners, getting the life lead is huge advantage as the pressure of attacking is not on the zoner but on their opponent who could not be a zoner. This situation will force the zoner's enemy to try and get even if they want to win the round.

It is always generally in a zoner's favor if they have the life lead and the opponent fails to approach. Every second that the opponent spends with the zoner having the life lead is pressure to them. During this situation, Axl Low must use his normals and specials that all have amazing range to keep them out for as long as possible.

Even though it's generally best to keep retreating to maintain a far distance from the enemy, it's alright to move forward if it'll put you into a better situation to control their movement or avoid any difficult situations if you get hit.

Official Screenshot of Axl Low from Guilty Gear Strive

Best Axl Low Combos

Unlike other characters, Axl Low focuses more on controlling the space and opting for bad looking hits and combos if it affords him a chance to deny their approaches better. In Guilty Gear Strive, Axl Low can rely on Rainwater, Snail, and Sickle Flash to properly end their sickle normals. Get a handle on which one connects at certain ranges.

However, the inevitable situation also happens where enemies gets in Axl's face. Even if its unlikely to land this, it'll be best to know these combos to knock them down and reposition. Here are some beginner Axl Low combos, written in Numpad Notation to help you create space up close and send them flying far:

  • 2K>2D>214HS
  • close S>far S>5HS>214S
  • 5K>6K>214HS

As long as you can maintain the distance, the enemy may have times that'll show an opening in their advance. Keep in mind that reading air dashes and run-ins is in your favor as the movement options where players may not block in time.

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