Guilty Gear Strive Anji Mito Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

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Coming from an older Guilty Gear entry before Xrd, Anji Mito makes a return in Guilty Gear Strive as a playable character. Similar to his previous iteration, Anji brings high damage and his unique Autoguard defense to break into his opponent's attacks elegantly and deliver his own. Here's how you can play Anji Mito well in Guilty Gear Strive.

Who is Anji Mito In Guilty Gear Strive

Anji Mito is one of the few surviving Japanese people in the Guilty Gear universe. In this series, one large Gear attack obliterated the whole archipelago of Japan and only a few Japanese people survived. In Guilty Gear Strive, Anji joins Chipp Zanuff in tracking down Asuka R. Kreutz and his cohorts to know if they're still up to no good before an upcoming G4 summit between the world powers in the Guilty Gear world.


Playstyle-wise, Anji Mito has access to high damage and can break through his opponent's attacks using his Autoguard system. Players who like diving in the face of enemy aggression to land their own counterattack safely will love playing as Anji Mito.

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Official Screenshot of Anji Mito in Guilty Gear Strive

Anji Mito Movelist

Anji's Autoguard defense system is directly tied to most of his special moves for it work. When a special attack button is held, Anji will delay the special move attack and spin for a bit before releasing it. The spin move is the Autoguard where Anji will parry any incoming attack he receives except for a throw. Here are some of his moves listed in Numpad Notation:

  • Shitsu - 236P
  • Suigetsu no Hakobi - 236K (Hold to extend Autoguard dance)
  • Fuujin - 236H (Hold to add Autoguard dance to startup and delay Fuujin)
  • Shin: Ichishiki - During Fuujin, P
  • Issokutoubi - During Fuujin, K
  • Nagiha - During Fuujin, S
  • Rin - During Fuujin, HS
  • Kou - 236S (Hold to add Autoguard dance to startup and delay Kou)
  • Issei Ougi: Sai (Overdrive Super) - 632146H
  • Kachoufuugetsu Kai (Overdrive Parry Super) - 632146S

Anji Mito Beginners Guide

For starters, beginner Anji Mito players must aim to get the early advantage in fights. As a character, Anji has high damage and tools that directly bypass an enemy's attack if they read their enemies correctly. Use the Autoguard dance found on Suigetsu no Hakoubi, delayed Fuujin, and delayed Kou to breach the enemy's offense to deliver your own.

So far, the best option after an Autoguard trigger is a throw which scores Anji Mito a good hard knockdown. This knockdown can be cashed to push for more pressure through sending a Shitsu butterfly after the throw or approach to challenge their wakeup option.

For defense, Anji Mito shines when he has meter for Kachoufuugetsu Kai on wakeup. If the Overdrive parry activates, Anji punishes any enemy attack for at least a quarter of their health. However, this parry does not activate when thrown so be careful when using it.

Official Screenshot of Anji Mito fighting Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear Strive

Anji Mito Tips To Get Better

Anji Mito's antics in battle have a flaw which can blow him up in some matches. Most of his Autoguard and Fuujin followups are risky to use against careful players. Once the enemy gets a grip of Anji's pace in battle, it often becomes difficult for him to take the advantage in the match.

At best, never let the advantage slip through your fingers and try to keep the lead for as long as you can. Kachoufuugetsu Kai can be useful to get you out of trouble fast but it requires Anji to have 50 Tension to use it.

Losing the advantage early will often leave Anji with not enough Tension to rely on this Overdrive super. Additionally, Anji's fastest normals are slower than most cast to rely on interrupting enemy pressure. Autoguard is also not an instant answer and can be defeated with attacks if hit too early in the spin dance.

As Anji, aim to pressure your enemy and stay on top of their plans as much as you can.

Official Screenshot of Anji Mito in Guilty Gear Strive

Anji Mito Combos

Fortunately, Anji Mito's damage output is high when he lands a hit and finishes a combo. Additionally, Anji's special moves have large windows to follow up for a combo. Here are some combos that beginners can use as Anji Mito:

  • close S>far S>236H>S
  • close S>far H>236H>S
  • 2K>2D>236P
  • 5K>2D>236P
  • close S>far S>236H>H
  • 236K/S/H (Hold, Autoguard triggered)>4D or 6D

Aim to end your combos in hard knockdown to keep having your turn and push your advantage forward. Meanwhile, smart use of Autoguard will get you far and repeated punishes from this move will force your opponents to be more careful with their attacks. Once they relent, Anji Mito truly shines as he can start

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