Alioune's Guilty Gear Strive Tier List updated ahead of Goldlewis Dickinson's release, Sol Badguy still the best

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One of Europe's best Guilty Gear Strive players, Alioune, has recently voiced out his thought about the best characters. Before the gets its first major update, the professional player noted that the main character, Sol Badguy, sits on the throne as sole S+ character in the game. Here's what we know about his tier list

Alioune's Tier List

According to Alioune's words from Eventhubs, Sol Badguy is still the one S+ character in roster. Some characters have risen up in his list such as Anji Mito, Zato-1 and Leo Whitefang. Moving up from the B tier, Anji is now a A tier where Alioune thinks most of the cast are.


Meanwhile, Zato-1 and Leo Whitefang have moved up from A to A+ tier. As the first patch ends, the Zato-1 and Leo Whitefang players may have shown more of what the character is capable of. As an anime fighting game, Zato-1 is a puppet character has enormous potential as he has access to unique pressure proven that players can control both Zato-1 and his shadow, Eddie, efficiently. Meanwhile, Leo Whitefang has access to difficult situations once he gets started.

All Hail King Sol

In the current build of Guilty Gear Strive, the main character, Sol Badguy, is an uncontested high ranker in many professional player's tierlist. While character strength can vary depending on who you ask, many Guilty Gear Strive players can agree that Sol can be a problem to deal with when he gets his hits started.

Since its release, players are discovering how to play their characters better and the results on Sol are high. Meanwhile, Sol players are having a field day with the character's potential and what he can achieve even without aiming for the best.


From SuperDEBico's optimal Sol combos to Kusoru's costly 2K combos, playing Sol has so much to offer for players who want options for offense. Defensively, Sol also has reliable options to react to enemy offense and even turn the whole match in his favor as he lands a massive counterhit combo from that one opening he finds.

Normally, Sol Badguy will also take control of the match easily if you block one of his attacks. His matchup demands that you know the answer to escape his pressure or somehow get your turn to fight back.

Overall, Sol commands the flow of the match when he gets started and his openings are full of risks that are heavily in this main character's favor. He's just that strong of a pick.


Goldlewis Dickinson Release Patch

Many players and fans are expecting some changes once the Goldlewis Dickinson patch arrives this July 27. The new character will now be available for players who've purchased the Season Pass and may include a character patch along with Dickinson.

According to the Guilty Gear PR Twitter page, the maintenance for the first DLC will last for two hours. The online play will be disabled but players can still play offline up until the maintenance ends and patch goes live.


Once it's live, we've yet to see if Sol Badguy will be nerfed or keep his crown as the best character available in Guilty Gear Strive.

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