Zenless Zone Zero 1.1 Banners - Latest News and Leaks

Art of Qingyi and Jane from Zenless Zone Zero, each posing with their weapons at the ready.
Credit: HoYoverse. Image edited by GfinityEsports.

Art of Qingyi and Jane from Zenless Zone Zero, each posing with their weapons at the ready.
Credit: HoYoverse. Image edited by GfinityEsports.
July 12, 2024: Developer HoYoverse has revealed Jane Doe and Seth Lowell, which are expected to feature in the ZZZ 1.1 banners.

New characters are the highlight of every update, and the Zenless Zone Zero 1.1 banners are no different. Introducing new S-Rank and A-Rank Agents, alongside various W-Engines, there will be a lot more build and team potential when the Version 1.1 banners arrive.

Though there are already a handful of great ZZZ team comps you can make with the current roster of characters, you can’t ever have too many. Plus, there are still plenty of archetypes we’re yet to fill, particularly Ether units. While you wait for the ZZZ 1.1 release date, keep up with all the latest Zenless Zone Zero banner news.

Zenless Zone Zero 1.1 Banners

Based on marketing teases from HoYoverse and various leaks, the Zenless Zone Zero 1.1 banners are expected to be:

  • Phase One - 14/08/2024 - 04/09/2024
  • Phase Two - 04/09/2024 - 25/09/2024

While developer HoYoverse has been tight-lipped over many of the ZZZ upcoming characters, it has been teasing various Agents, including Qingyi, Jane Doe, and Seth. As such, these characters are expected to be released soon. Plus, as New Eridu Public Security members, Qingyi, Jane, and Seth would be great team members for Zhu Yuan, who is in the Unswerving Bullet banner during 1.0 phase two.

The ZZZ 1.1 banners will also include the signature W-Engines for both Qingyi and Jane Doe during their respective banner phases. These have yet to be revealed, though they will undoubtedly be the best-in-slot choices for their respective builds.

Remember, the 1.1 banner schedule above is based on leaks and speculation so it could change before release. We will update this guide once HoYoverse officially reveals the banners for Version 1.1.

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Official key art for Qingyi in Zenless Zone Zero shows the character posing at the center in a combat stance with text around her.
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Credit: HoYoverse.

Version 1.1 Phase One

Recently having been ‘drip teased’ by HoYoverse, Qingyi is reportedly headlining the first banner of Version 1.1. According to the leaks, Qingyi is an S-Rank Electric Stun unit. Though this seems likely from her design, it would be strange to see both Qingyi and Anby in this banner as the leaks suggest given the overlap between these characters.

Nevertheless, Qingyi is confirmed to be a New Eridu Public Security character, so her eventual addition will finally give S-Rank Ether Attack Agent Zhu Yuan more varied team options.

Alongside Qingyi as the featured S-Rank Agent, we're expecting to see Anby and Billy as the rate-up A-Rank Agents. Annoyingly, both are free ZZZ characters that you'll unlock early in the story. However, Anby is a strong Stun character, so it doesn't hurt to unlock more upgrades for her if you get duplicates.

Zenless Zone Zero's Jane Doe's official Agent Record infographic shows the character posing at the center with her right hand out.
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Credit: HoYoverse.

Version 1.1 Phase Two

Version 1.1 phase two is expected to feature two brand-new characters - Jane Doe and Seth Lowell - both members of New Eridu Public Security.

Firstly, Jane Doe has been teased with an official Agent Record by HoYovers. This mouse member of New Eridu Public Security is an even more exciting addition expected to arrive in the 1.1 banners. Based on these leaks, Jane is an S-Rank Physical Anomaly character headlining phase two. Not only would this make her the first of her kind, but such a kit would make Jane a fantastic addition to a wide variety of teams. Plus, the Physical Attribute Anomaly, Assault, is arguably the most powerful.

HoYoverse has also recently released Seth Lowell’s Agent Record, confirming him as a playable character in the future, as well as revealing details like his voice actor. Leaks claim that Seth is an A-Rank Electric Defense character, making him only the second Defense character after Ben and the first Electric one.

Expected to appear alongside Seth as the featured A-Ranks on Jane Doe's banner is Corin. While Corin is a free character granted from the pre-registration rewards, she is a surprisingly strong Physical DPS Agent, so getting duplicates of her won't hurt quite so much.

Now you know all the latest news on the Zenless Zone Zero 1.1 banners, it’s time to stock up on Polychrome and redeem all the ZZZ codes you can. If these banners come to fruition as leaks suggest, then these units could jump straight to the top of our ZZZ tier list as excellent characters in endgame activities like Hollow Zero and Shiyu Defense.

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