How to use the Towing Harness in Tears of the Kingdom

Towing Harness

Towing Harness

So you've got yourself the means to pull carriages and bulky items with your horse but you're not sure how to actually pull it off. Or pull anything, for that matter. Sounds like you need to learn how to use the Towing Harness in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. And we're going to show you how.

If you've somehow landed here while trying to figure out how to attack your horse to anything, you'll want to see our dedicated guide on how to get the Towing Harness first. It's essential to the operation, and getting your horse to get anyone but you from one place to another won't work without it.

How to use the Towing Harness in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To use the Towing Harness in Tears of the Kingdom, you don't need to look at it sitting in your Key Item inventory. It's no use to you there unless you just like to look at the art and read the flavour text like the back of a cereal box.

Instead, you need to head to a stable. Talk to the stable hand at the front of the desk rather than from the inside, and you should see the new option to customize your horse.

In here, you'll see the option to attach your shiny new Towing Harness to any of your horses. Attach it to your preferred one and talk to the man again to pull the same horse out for riding.

Attaching the Towing Harness in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
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The horse should now have chains with a wood beam attached to its rear. That beam is perfect for use with the Ultrahand technique. Grab it using your power and drag it to the object you want your horse to pull behind it.

By making a cart with wood boards, posts, and wheels, you'll be able to dump more materials into the glorified container for your horse to drag along.

Once you're all set, just hop on your horse and ride as you normally would. The contents can tip over, though. So many keep the high-speed turns to a minimum. And if the towing harness is attached on an angle, you'll struggle to move at any reasonable speed without risking losing the load.

For more on Tears of the Kingdom, check out how to find the Horse God if you're set on making the most of your equestrian ride. And if you're in need of some heat resistant gear, we have the answers you're looking for.

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