How to get the Rubber Armor set in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: The Rubber Armor Set

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: The Rubber Armor Set

Elemental damage is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is rarely something you think about. Getting hit by a Fire Keese is just viewed as another attack. But in the case of lightning damage, you can mitigate it to a minimum by learning how to get Rubber Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

This set is one of those that can be difficult to get. In fact, there are separate instructions for each part of the armor: they're not all in the same place. To make things a little bit easier (and to help you deal with thunderstorms without swapping out your weapons) we'll guide you through the process of picking up each item in the set.

How to get the Rubber Armor set in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Gettin the full effect of the Rubber Armor means wearing and upgrading the whole set. Just getting a single piece won't really help with stronger elemental strikes as advertised. Keep that in mind before you go off on your adventure.

Zelda: TotK: The Rubber Armor location
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How to get the Rubber Armor

You can find the Rubber Armor at coordinates -0057, -1005, 0019 in a cave above the Teniten Shrine. At the entrance, you'll find stones you can break to enter Whistling Hill Cave.

Follow the path until you come to a pit. You need to fall into it and use a glider to avoid fall damage. Beat the three Bokoblins and climb under the ledge where the Brightcap grows and use Ascend to climb up to the tunnel.

Fight the Rock Like and run up the ramp. Deal with the rocks up ahead and beat the Shock Like. Bust through the next set of rocks to find the Rubber Armor in a chest.

Zelda: TotK: The Rubber Helm location
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How to get the Rubber Helm

To find the Rubber Helm, you'll need to go to the Sarjon Woods Cave at coordinates 1203, -3166, 0028.

When you're at the entrance, you'll see the group of Electric Keese. Swim across the river and knock the Horriblin into the water. Brawl against the Horriblins further down the river and use the nearby logs further down to craft a raft.

Ride the raft into the room occupied by a Like Like. Go a little further and you'll find a room with a chest containing the Rubber Armor. There's also a Bubbul Gem.

Zelda: TotK: The Rubber Tights location
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How to get the Rubber Tights

To find Rubber Tights, go to coordinates 4245, -0265, 0004 to a large hole on the northern part of the island in the centre of Horon Lagoon. You'll have to swim a long distance down there, so consider some food buffs or something like a Zonai fan strapped to a log to close the gap.

At the entrance to the Horon Lagoon Cave, a Horriblin will start throwing rocks at you. Deal with it and go for another swim. The water level will start changing. You'll need to wait for a high tide to avoid the wall of spikes at the lower levels.

Climb up to the big rock and break the cluster of stones to get deep enough into the cave and take the Rubber Tights from the chest.

With the full set, you can upgrade it at a Great Fairy to buff the set bonus.

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