How to beat the Demon King in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Demon King in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

In most games, the final bosses are the toughest opponents, and in this guide, we will tell you how to beat the Demon King in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This is one of the most iconic villains in the entire game industry and is really hard to fight.

This boss has several phases, and each of them is difficult. You will need to utilise all the knowledge you’ve earned during your playthrough and use all your fighting skills to bet it!

How to defeat the Demon King in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Demon King in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
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The Demon King Ganondorf is the final boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You can find him in the Deptsh under Hyrule Castle. He uses the power of Gloom to perform various attacks, and you will need to learn all of them. Follow these tips to beat the Demon King in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom!

The first phase of the fight is just a huge wave of mobs. Defeat them all and try to save as much HP as possible.

In the second phase, Ganondorf will use three weapons to perform different moves. You will need to dodge his attacks at the right moment. By doing this, you will activate Flurry Rush, which is the best way to deal damage to the Demon King.

At the beginning of this phase, the boss will use his sword. With this weapon, he can deliver horizontal and vertical slashes. Dodge horizontal slashes by jumping backward and vertical slashes by jumping left or right.

If the Demon King draws his spear, then you are in luck, as this weapon is the easiest to dodge. You just need to move away from the boss, and he will stop doing auto-attacks. Instead, he will try to perform a charge attack that is very easy to dodge.

The third weapon is the Demonic Club, and it’s more complex. Ganondorf is able to use it to perform a slam attack that can help you activate Flurry Rush, if you dodge well. The other two attacks can be dodged by simply moving away from the boss. If he summons waves of Gloom, then just walk between them. If Ganondorf uses his club to create an energy wave, then you will need to move away from him.

Dodge all attacks as we described above, and try to activate as many Flurry Rushes as possible.

The third phase is almost the same as the previous one. The Demon King will summon a couple of clones and your allies will fight them. After the boss’s HP is halved, he will remove his clones and defeat your companions. Dodge all incoming attacks and strike Ganondorf with your Flurry Rushes to advance to the final phase.


At the end of the fight, the boss will turn into the Demon Dragon. You will need to fly up to his body and hit four weak spots. After that, land on the dragon’s forehead and destroy the crystal to finish off the boss.

The Demon King is tough and hopefully, our guide will help you defeat him. Be patient as you will need to memorise all of his attack patterns in order to achieve victory!

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