Will there be a demo for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

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Link falling from the sky in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

So many players are waiting for the new Zelda game, and today we are going to tell you if Nintendo has any plans for a demo for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It would be a nice way to advertise the new game and attract more players.

Usually, demos are used as advertising material that allows people to look at the game closely by getting a hands-on. Of course, such a thing can easily catch a player’s interest.

Is there a Zelda Tears of the Kingdom demo?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official confirmation for a demo version of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom just yet. Of course, you may think that the developers or Nintendo will announce it later, but it seems unlikely at this stage.

Nintendo doesn't tend to release demo versions of Zelda games, even though it does for other franchises. The previous games from this franchise didn’t have demos, including Breath of the Wild. So, Tears of the Kingdom is unlikely to get one. However, we cannot say that this is impossible.

Maybe Nintendo will release this demo later, as a way to drum up hype after the game has initially launched. If such a thing happens, we will gladly inform you about it in this guide!


Until that happens though, the only way you'll be able to play Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is by purchasing the game. A demo could arrive one day, but there's nothing official to cling onto just yet.

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