How to make custom fast travel points in Tears of the Kingdom

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With a game as large as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’re going to use fast traveling a lot. However, sometimes the closest teleport point is just not close enough. That’s where the Travel Medallion Prototype comes in. You'll have to go on a little trip to obtain it, but come out of the resulting scuffle alive and you'll unlock a time saver.

Learn everything you need about the Travel Medallion Prototype and how to make fast travel points. Whether you’re in the skies, underground, or deep in enemy territory, the Travel Medallion Prototype will let you set up multiple waypoints.

How to unlock custom fast travel points in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Travel Medallion Prototype is an upgrade to the Purah Pad once you get the Sensor upgrade.

Unlocking the quest for the Travel Medallion Prototype can take a bit and requires that you complete one of the four main story quests. Plus, you’ll also have to deal with some quests for Robbie and Josha. However, the reward at the end is worth the time investment.

Once you’ve completed the “A Mystery in the Depths” quest from Robbie at Lookout Landing, he'll set you on the path for another Purah Pad upgrade that helps you track down hidden shrines. Once that's out the way, his next quest will offer to unlock custom fast travel points.

The Travel Medallion Prototype in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
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Now that we have the quest unlocked, Robbie will send you off to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, where you can find the Travel Medallion Prototypes to unlock the fast travel upgrade. The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is located near the top right side of the map.

Take out the Yiga enemies that appear when you attempt to enter, and head back inside once the commotion is over. Talk to the NPC inside to get some new armor, and then open the nearby chest for the Travel Medallion Prototype.

Once you return to Robbie, he will add the Travel Medallion Prototype upgrade to your Purah Pad which allows you to place a fast travel waypoint anywhere in Hyrule. Just open your inventory and mark the location to place a fast travel gate there.

It's a little limited to start, but subsequent quests reward upgrades by unlocking new map areas. Robbie offers you a second gate slot for finding ten map-data locations, and a third for finding 15 map-data locations. This allows you to place and manipulate three different fast travel gates freely instead of just one.

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