Where to find Ancient Arowana in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Link wondering where to get ancient arowana in Zelda Kingdom of Tears

Finding a special fish is one of the key parts of the main storyline. And if you're struggling to make sense of the request, read up on where to find ancient arowana in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Considering the rewards that you’ll get out of it, you'll want to get it done. And it won't take long at all.

Thankfully, all of the locations have already been found for you, so you just need to read below where to go. If you need to know how to fast travel in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for this quest, we have just the handy guide for you.

Where to find ancient arowana in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The easiest place to go is Great Sky Island, where you’ll find a number of ponds with these legendary fish in them. This area is easy to teleport to and will be relatively safe to explore while you try to find the ancient arowana.

Secondly, go to the Nachoya Shrine and head north-east. Here, there will be a few ponds both to your left and your right where you can find the fish.

A point where you'll find Ancient Arowana in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
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However, if you want to follow the story properly, then Yona will give you instructions to find Dento, a blacksmith. He will be located towards the east of Zora’s Domain and will tell you where to go to find a guaranteed ancient arowana.

Dento will tell you to head to the Minpha statue at the peak of Ploymus Mountain. To the south of Mipha’s Court here, you'll find a location called Shatterback Point that hangs over the cliff. Climb up a tall staircase and hop into the shallow waters around the statue. Mash the A button and you should find your Ancient Arowana.


If you wanna go old school through Hyrule and disregard fast travel points and Zonai inventions to get around, you can always get a horse and travel around Hyrule without using fast travel points.

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