All XDefiant Guns and How to Unlock Them

Screenshot showing XDefiant player firing assault rifle with multi-storey building in the background
Credit: Ubisoft

Screenshot showing XDefiant player firing assault rifle with multi-storey building in the background
Credit: Ubisoft

The XDefiant gun list contains a wealth of weaponry capable of taking down your opponents. From shotguns to snipers and SMGs, you're certainly not short on variety. However, not every weapon is unlocked right away and it works slightly differently than you might have expected. So, here's how to unlock every gun in XDefiant.

But, before we take a closer look at the XDefiant gun list, take a look at our guide showcasing the best XDefiant guns to use and the best XDefiant loadouts to use them in right now.

All XDefiant Guns and How to Unlock Them

Here are all 27 weapons in the XDefiant gun list and how to unlock them:

Assault rifles

  • M4A1 - Default
  • AK-47 - Default
  • M16A4 - Get 20 assault rifle headshot kills
  • ACR 6.8 - Get 10 assault rifle longshot kills (greater than 30m)
  • MDR - Reach level 10 in the Preason Battle Pass
  • LVOA-C - Season 1


  • Vector-45 ACP - Default
  • MP5A2 - Default
  • P90 - Get 10 SMG hipfire kills
  • MP7 - Get 20 SMG point-blank kills (less than 5m)


  • M870 - Default
  • Double Barrel - Get 10 shotgun hipfire kills
  • AA-12 - Get 15 shotgun point-blank kills (less than 5m)
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun - Season 1


  • M249 - Default
  • RPK-74 - Deal 10,000 damage with LMGs
  • M60 - Deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with LMGs

Marksman rifles

  • MK 20 SSR - Default
  • SVD - Get 15 marksman rifle longshot kills (greater than 30m)

Sniper rifles

  • M44 - Default
  • TAC-50 - Get 10 sniper rifle one-shot kills
  • L115 - Season 1


  • 686 Magnum - Default
  • D50 - Default
  • M9 - Default
  • 93R - Sprint 240 seconds with secondary weapons
  • M1911 - Get 4 secondary weapon point-blank kills (less than 5m)
Screenshot of XDefiant players holding a range of different guns
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Credit: Ubisoft

XDefiant Weapon Types

In total, there are seven XDefiant weapon categories to choose from. Whether you prefer running and gunning or picking off targets from afar, there's something for everyone. Here's a full XDefiant weapon category list:

  • Assault rifles
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • LMGs
  • Marksman rifles
  • Sniper rifles
  • Pistols

Outside of simply adding new weapons to the existing gun types, there's a chance Ubisoft will add new weapon categories as part of the game's planned seasonal updates. We'll keep this guide updated if that happens. Check out the XDefiant roadmap for more information on the seasonal structure.

XDefiant Season 1 Guns

Season 1 of XDefiant adds the following guns:

  • LVOA-C assault rifle
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • L115 sniper

While the Sawed-Off will likely struggle to keep up with the pack, the LVOA-C and the L115 could very well be meta contenders in XDefiant Season 1. They will, however, have stiff competition from the ACR and TAC-50 respectively, so either these Season 1 weapons power-creep the existing arsenal or find their own niche.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the XDefiant gun list and how to get each one. Check out the XDefiant meta and start grinding to unlock all the best weapons first.

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