How to get to Northrend from Outland, Kalimdor, and Eastern Kingdoms in WotLK Classic

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Howling Fjord in WotLK Classic.

Wondering how to get to Northrend in WotLK Classic? You're not alone. The long ride to the frozen wastes can be a chore, and we've been caught out in the cold ourselves before. To help, we've listed off a bunch of ways you can get to either the Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord.

Without a bunch of UI addons that can cause havoc with your game, finding your way around Azeroth (and beyond) can be a daunting prospect. A lot of it depends where you're going, where you're coming from, the places you've been before, and even the faction you chose when you made your character. So if you're struggling to make it to Northrend in WotLK Classic, we've got your back.

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How to get to Northrend in WotLK Classic

Because there are so many variables when it comes to traveling to Northrend in WotLK Classic, we've broken this section up depending on your faction and current location.

Assuming you did the smart thing and got out of Outland before WotLK Classic dropped, you've skipped the most annoying part of getting to the frozen wastes. Still, your next steps depend on your faction and where you want to go exactly.

How to get to Northrend from Kalimdor


If you're skulking around Kalimdor right now, your best bet is to make your way to Orgrimmar. This capital city is in the heart of Durotar, so just do what you can to find a flight path there if you can't get a Mage to teleport you.

Once you're there, head back out and find the new zeppelin tower to the west of the city's entrance. You'll find two towers here, with one going to Thunder Bluff. To avoid that blunder, just look for Zelli Hotnozzle: the dockmaster for the blimp that's set to journey to Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra.


For those on the Alliance side of the war, your best bet is to hitch a ride back to Darkshore. Hop on a boat here from the dock to wind up in Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. You can then ride a boat from there to the Howling Fjord captained by Ludin Farrow. You'll find him (and his boat) at the north point of the harbour.

How to get to Northrendin WotLK Classic from Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.
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How to get to Northrend from Eastern Kingdoms


If you're bumbling around the Eastern Kingdoms and don't have easy passage back to Undercity or Orgrimmar, your best bet is to simply grab a hippogryph back to old Lordaeron in the northeast, up in Tirisfal Glades.

From there, you can hitch a ride to either Orgrimmar to get a connecting flight to Borean Tundra or get the neighbouring blimp straight to Howling Fjord. You'll find both on the route to Brill just north of the city.


On the Alliance side of things, you have two pretty easy options: call a gryphon to either Stormwind to find charter a boat to Borean Tundra, or head a bit further north to Menethil Harbor in Wetlands to grab a ride to Howling Fjord.

How to get to Northrend from Outland

If you've logged into WotLK Classic after an abrupt end with TBC Classic, you're likely stuck somewhere in Outland with a hearthstone that just takes you further in.

If you're not a Mage or feeling remotely sociable, getting off the broken planet is a bit of a bother - so here's what to do:


If you hail from the Alliance, your route isn't too difficult. Just look on your map for the nearest flight point: a quest outpost, camp, or fort will usually work. Take a flight back to the eastern point of Hellfire Penninsula, and head back through the Dark Portal.

Once you emerge in the Blasted Lands, you have two options: take the portal in the tower back to Stormwind, or ride up to Nethergard Keep to call up a flightmaster, whisking you away to wherever you want - Stormwind for the boat to Borean Tundra, or Menethil Harbor in Wetlands for the ship to Howling Fjord.



For the Horde, things are mostly the same. Just find your nearest flightmaster in Outland and hitch a ride to the Dark Portal.

Once you're through, you'll have a bit of a longer trip. You'll need to head north through Blasted Lands and into Swamp of Sorrows. Head to the eastern village of Stonard and hitch a ride back to Undercity to catch a blimp to Howling Fjord or the balloon back to Orgrimmar so you can grab the gas bubble on the outskirts to Borean Tundra.

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