All Warzone Season 5 Caldera map changes

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Image showing Caldera Peak POI in Warzone Season 5
Credit: Activision
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The final season of Warzone's trip to the Pacific is here much to the excitement of the community. While many are already turning their attention toward the launch of Warzone 2, Season 5 of the battle royale promises to feature plenty of new content.

Alongside the arrival of the EX1 energy rifle and Black Ops villain Menendez as a playable Operator, Raven Software is making major adjustments to Caldera for one final time. The Warzone Season 5 Caldera map changes include tweaks to Peak in addition to an all-new Gulag layout for players to master.


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Warzone Season 5 Caldera map changes

Perhaps the most notable change to the Pacific island is the transformation of Peak. The popular landing spot has erupted, resulting in streams of lava falling down the mountain. Even though the lava is causing problems, the Gondola is still operational.

Image showing Warzone Peak POI with lava
Credit: Activision

Warzone Season 5 Gulag

For one last time, Caldera's Gulag is receiving a makeover. Rather than a completely new design, developers have reimagined the Verdansk showers with a volcanic theme.

The Call of Duty blog says "the two sides are nearly symmetrical, and you may enjoy a memory or two if you're a veteran Call of Duty: Warzone player." The symmetrical layout should offer a fairly even opportunity for players to earn a second chance at victory.


Warzone Caldera lighting

The arrival of Godzilla and Kong earlier in the year also included a significant shift in Caldera's lighting. The darker skies above the island are gone allowing the sun to shine down on the action once again.

Although some are looking forward to the return of the sun, many are wary of its brightness causing problems once again. However, Raven Software says the sun will "shine through the clouds" in a bid to avoid any brightness issues from reappearing.

Warzone Season 5 Easter Eggs

As it's the final season of the Pacific era, there's every chance the Warzone developers have hidden some Easter Eggs on the map. With the launch of Warzone 2 on the horizon, perhaps there are some Modern Warfare-themed items to uncover on Caldera.


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