Warzone 2 preload - How to download Season One Reloaded early

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Credit: Activision
November 30, 2022: Ahead of Season One Reloaded, there's a chance you may preload the update ahead of time. Scroll down for the latest intel.

As the Warzone 2 mid-season update nears, those eager to drop into Call of Duty's latest update are hoping a Warzone 2 preload takes place so you can download everything you need to avoid any queuing.

The update features new weapons to master alongside a few Operators some may find very familiar.

Before we take a closer look at the Warzone 2 preload process, check out our guides containing our early thoughts on the Warzone 2 meta and the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle to use in long-range combat.

Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded preload start date

Typically, players have the ability to preload a new Call of Duty update ahead of its launch so everyone can drop into the action as soon as the servers are switched on.

Activision is yet to reveal any information surrounding the Season One Reloaded preload but as soon as the publisher shares the intel, we'll update the guide so you can download the update as soon as possible.

How to preload Warzone 2 updates

Typically, Warzone 2 will feature the ability to preload updates in the days leading up to their release. This means you can drop in as soon as they go live even if you don't have the fastest internet connection.

Once it goes live, search for Warzone 2 and hit the download button. There's a high possibility of the game requiring a huge amount of hard drive space so make sure you have enough before starting the download.

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Credit: Activision

How big is Warzone 2?

Details on the Warzone 2 download size haven't appeared yet but we expect it to require a huge amount of hard drive space. We expect it to require at least 60 GB of space. As soon as Activision and Infinity Ward reveal more about the game's download size, we'll update the guide with the latest intel.

Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded start date

The mid-season update for Warzone 2 players includes new additions to the arsenal and new Operators to obtain. Season One Reloaded is set to launch on December 14, meaning preloading should begin a few days earlier.

That's all there is to know about the Warzone 2 preload process. We'll share the latest intel as soon as we hear more about the process. In the meantime, take a look at our best Warzone 2 AR predictions along with all the information about the Warzone 2 anti-cheat.

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