Warzone 2 lobby size - How many players per match?

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Warzone 2 player holding sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

The Warzone 2 lobby size determines the number of players dropping into Al Mazrah. The huge map contains numerous points of interest (POI) to explore alongside strongholds that provide players with a chance to earn a loadout.

Just like its predecessor, Call of Duty's latest battle royale experience will see a huge number of players competing to become the last one standing. With a huge map to utilise, there's plenty of room for a huge number of players to do battle.


Before we take a closer look at the Warzone 2 lobby size, check out our guides containing intel on the early Warzone 2 meta and the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle to use in long-distance duels.

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How many players are in a Warzone 2 match?

A total of 150 players will drop into a Warzone 2 lobby. The number is exactly the same as the first iteration of Warzone so the chances of experiencing opposition in all areas of the map are high.


This number doesn't include the AI that features inside strongholds and other areas of the map.

Warzone 2 player aiming down sights
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 DMZ lobby size

At the time of writing, Activision hasn't revealed the exact lobby size for DMZ, a brand-new extraction mode giving players a wide range of ways to play.


Although there's no official confirmation, there's a high chance of the DMZ lobby size sticking at 150 players to stick with the battle royale modes.

Will Warzone 2 increase lobby size?

Depending on the success of 150-player matches, Infinity Ward may consider upping the player count for even more chaos. If the developer doesn't adjust the numbers for standard battle royale modes, there's always a possibility of limited-time modes (LTM) featuring 200 or even more players for maximum chaos.

That's all we know about the Warzone 2 lobby size so far. If numbers do change, we'll update the guide with the latest intel. For more on the battle royale, take a look at our guides showing the best Warzone 2 AR and all there is to know about future Warzone 2 double XP events.