How to slide cancel in Warzone 2

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Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players wearing night vision goggles
Credit: Activision
February 3, 2023: Ahead of Season Two, slide cancelling isn't an effective movement mechanic to use in Warzone 2. If you still want to do it, scroll down to find out how.

Although the Warzone 2 cycle is now in full swing, players continue to wonder how to slide cancel in Warzone 2. The mechanic dominated throughout the first iteration of the battle royale, giving players a temporary boost of speed and the ability to reset Tactical Sprint quickly over the course of a match.

Slide cancelling is a hot topic of conversation within the community. Some players want the mechanic to stay while others want it to disappear completely in a bid to increase the skill gap. As Warzone 2 is built on the same engine as Modern Warfare 2, there's a high chance it will arrive in the new battle royale.

Before we share intel on how to slide cancel in Warzone 2, check out our other guides showcasing the best Warzone 2 guns currently dominating on the streets of Al Mazrah.

Can you slide cancel in Warzone 2?

Thanks to clever Modern Warfare 2 players, you can slide cancel in Warzone 2 despite the game not launching for another few months. The battle royale uses exactly the same engine meaning any movement mechanics that work in multiplayer will transition to the battle royale.

Although it's in the game, it's unclear if it's the most effective way to navigate the map. Once we've had a chance to slide our way around Al Mazrah, we'll update the guide with our thoughts on whether it's worth spending time mastering the mechanic.

Image showing Warzone 2 players standing on plane ramp
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Credit: Activision

How to slide cancel in Warzone 2

There are a few ways to slide cancel in Warzone 2. The first way requires four steps that need to be done in quick succession in order to cancel the slide. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Slide
  2. Aim down sights
  3. Perform a melee
  4. Jump

If you manage to perform these actions as fast as possible, you'll slide for a brief period of time and stand up in the blink of an eye. It's worth mentioning that you can only slide cancel out of a regular sprint. If you try doing it with a Tactical Sprint, none of the methods in the guide doesn't work.

The alternative method requires some adjustments to the weapon mount activation settings in the in-game options. Switch it to "Double-Tap ADS" and you can slide cancel by pressing the following sequence:

  • Slide
  • ADS
  • ADS
  • Jump

This way is much easier but it can leave you open to unintentionally mounting your weapon on any nearby surfaces.

Is slide cancelling good in Warzone 2?


At the time of writing, it's impossible to tell if slide cancelling is a viable option in Warzone 2. Based on how it functions in Modern Warfare 2, you can use it but it doesn't seem to provide players with much of an advantage in the heat of battle.

That's everything there is to know about how to slide cancel in Warzone 2. For more on the battle royale, check out our guide showcasing the best Warzone 2 AR likely to dominate as soon as the game drops.

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