Warzone 2 Easter Eggs - All known clues and teasers

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Warzone 2 squad near vehicles
Credit: Activision

Just like the first iteration of Warzone, Warzone 2 players are constantly hunting for teasers and clues that could signal the next part of the Al Mazrah story. Those dropping into the action have already found items pointing towards potential Warzone 2 Easter Eggs.

Ranging from the appearance of broken keypads to sealed manhole covers, there's more than meets the eye on the new battle royale battleground.

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Known Warzone 2 Easter Eggs

Players are already discovering a range of unique Easter Eggs in a DMZ match. One of the few known objectives to complete involves finding a mysterious golden skull.

Warzone 2 golden skull Easter Egg

Thanks to Call of Duty Easter Egg extraordinaire GeekyPastimes, the discovery of the golden skull could point towards a future reveal for the heavily popular zombies mode. Here's a quick walkthrough on how to complete it and what it means.

Firstly, you need to find the Sunken Ship Captain's Cache Key during a match. The key can spawn anywhere so keep an eye on any supply crates and duffel bags. You'll also need the Post Office Key and Post Office Secure Room Key which are easier to obtain.

Once you have the Captain's key, head to the shipwreck found in the water southwest of Sariff Bay. Inside the wreck, there's a locked duffel bag. Use the key to access the bag, grab the cash, and the logbook.

Interact with the logbook to read the following message:

"The treasure is being stored below deck, but one of the workers stole the only key to the box and ran off. He was dressed in some sort of postal uniform."

"Now the ship is under attack, and I can only hope we can get to open water before they damage the hull. What a mess this treasure has brought upon us."
Warzone 2 ship
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Credit: Activision
This isn't the sunken ship you're looking for!

The second step involves heading to the Downtown Post Office which is where the other keys come into play. Make sure the player that opened the Captain's cache has both Post Office keys as they're the only ones to open the door.

With the doors opened, open the secure room to find a huge amount of loot including the Thief's Cache Key. Grab the key and return to the sunken ship. Towards the back of the boat is a small hole. Swim underwater and open the bag containing the golden skull. According to the description, the skull features glyphs.

What does it mean for zombies?

GeekyPastimes says the presence of glyphs could tie the skull in with Zombies lore which is particularly interesting considering the lack of undead in Modern Warfare titles. For a closer look at this particular Easter Egg, check out the content creator's video below for a closer look.

Warzone 2 Samum's Story Easter Egg

Another Easter Egg available to complete is Samum's Story involving the huge explosion at the Rohan oil rig. Head to the oil rig and head into the tunnel once you've found the key. Open the locker where you'll find a note that contains the following information:

"If you are reading this, the deed is done. Tank #1 budns, but I don't think I'm done yet. It's time to retreat into the tunnels where they won't find us."

I forced a worker to reprogram the access code. The code is in my original notes...that I lost back on that ship."

Next, head onto the Ship anchored at the Port. Search for the Hafid Ship First Mate Cache Key where you can open another cache where the second note appears. The note points towards Taraq where you need to find the Taraq Tunnels Workbench Cache Key.

  • TIP: Geeky says that this part of the Easter Egg is bugged so bear that in mind if you're trying to complete this quest.

If you manage to obtain the key, you open the cache and you'll find another note written by Samum. Head to the Channel 7 Editorial Department in the TV station.

Eventually, another note will lead you back to the Rohan oil tunnels in a full circle of the story. It's a different questline with rewards expected to appear once players manage to find the next steps.

That's all there is to know about the Warzone 2 Easter Eggs so far. Once we find out more and as other clues emerge, we'll continue updating the guide with all there is to know.

Don't forget to check out GeekyPastimes' channel for his incredible knowledge and in-depth content.


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